Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Justicar Azenhal Boss Guide

Justicar Azenhal is another Wolcen Lords of Mayhem boss that you will encounter in the second act during the quest; Journey into Madness.

This Justicar Azenhal Boss Guide will walk you through the Azenhal boss fight so you can easily defeat the boss.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Justicar Azenhal Boss

Before the main boss battle, you’ll have to take care of a lot of lesser foes that can easily be beaten.

When fighting these lesser foes, the purifiers will also aim their guns at you. Evade these attacks and kill the lesser foes preserving your health until you get to the main boss fight.

After the first wave, the tentacle monster will vanquish all the purifier troops. After that, it will emerge from the ground periodically at fixed spots.

There will be a warning before it appears. Avoid its attacks by noticing the red warning circle that appears where it is about to emerge.

Justicar Azenhal uses a huge shield and a large blade. His main attacks are a swing of the sword and a charge attack.

Through most of the encounter, he keeps his shield up so, you cannot inflict damage on him from the front.

Occasionally he lifts the shield to attack with the sword in an area directly in front of him through a certain range. You can easily avoid this by noticing the warning.

He also charges straight into direction very quickly. Avoid this attack by noticing the pattern. After this charge, he is vulnerable for a few moments which is your window of opportunity. Inflict some decent damage at this time.

During all this, the tentacle monster will still be doing it things every now and then, beware of that as well.

Attack and movement speed builds alongside critical damage and critical chance will help a lot in this battle. Keep all this in mind when you face Justicar and you’d have no problem facing him.

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