Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Infiltration Quest Guide

Wolcen has gotten itself a rocky start but managed to make it through nonetheless. In this guide, we will be discussing how to get through the Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Infiltration Quest.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Infiltration Quest

Infiltration quest will have you completing a series of tasks which ultimately involves a little bit of killing; well not a little bit, I’d be lying.

You have to mow your way through your enemies, kill Ydrael, his Puppet, and the Pacified Republicans.

I know I know, you’re getting a bit itchy and bloodthirsty, aren’t you? Let’s get right into it then.

You will be going through the following list of objectives as you make your way through the quest.

  • Journey through the Red Wastes
  • Journey to the Battlefield Overlook
  • Journey through the Republican Backline
  • Journey through the Purifiers Battlefield
  • Reach Crimson Keep’s Remparts
  • Enter the Bridgehead
  • Kill the Pacified Republicans
  • Survive the Counter-Attack
  • Kill Ydrael and his Puppet
  • Use the Portal

As the mission starts, you will see Gernese and his army march towards the Crimson Keep.

You will be going the same way, except through a much safer and alternative path; well, primarily because you are only one person.

Head for the trenches, and go to the Keep’s walls. Get to the top and fight through the Thralls and finally open the main gates.

More killing! Kill the Pacified Republicans after entering the Bridgehead; watch out for all the goons attacking you as well, once you make it through all of this, you will have qualified to face Ydrael and his Puppet.

Contrary to what his name would imply, this is not a puppet show, and you better be well prepared.

Once you beat Ydrael in puppeteeri- I mean, in the fight to the death, father Heimlock will tell you all the boring stuff about Ahriman, world, diseases, all that kinda stuff, and you will have finished the quest. Neat!

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