Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Hybrid Builds Guide

Our guide contains the best hybrid builds to try out in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem and stand out by not being part of just one playstyle

Don’t want to be stuck playing just one class or role and interested in being versatile as the situation demands? This Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Hybrid Builds Guide is perfect for you as we give some of the best hybrid builds in the game.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Hybrid Builds

Build #1

This is a build that focuses on the Tank – Support hybrid Role.

The build focuses on stacking Fire and Scared Damage, followed by a maximum amount of skills to be kept at 100% so that there is more damage output. For this, the build excludes the Quintet of Sundowns, and uses a Catalyst while using Support 3 gem slots so that the Transfer Time Reduction may be benefited by as well.

The skills that weren’t used all that well, were swapped out with some Ailments. This build will allow you to get to 85,000 Health and 9,600 Force Shield, while also enabling you to put down things that are 20 levels ahead of you, at the time you’re just at 67.

You will be needed to focus on Toughness since this build requires you to tank everything.

Active Skills

Winter’s Grasp
Positions to fill (1-16):  1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 15, 16.


You will be using this skill as your spam ability; thus, you need to focus on getting its cooldown as low as possible.

Bulwark of Dawn
Positions to fill (1-16):  1, 2, 3, 5, 13, 14.

This skill is pivotal as it will trigger Dawn’s Pious Striker, that will slaughter anyone or anything that is below 15% of its maximum health. It will also be the most beneficial source for Regeneration. The cooldown is supposed to be the same as the Skill Duration, along with Divine Omnipresence as well.

Once you’ve gotten it down to 10.4s, you’ve done it. The mark will also allow you to have a 0.7s cooldown for Winter’s Grasp.

Aether Jump
Positions to fill (1-16):  1, 2, 4, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16.

The ability will allow you to speed through the area while you’re on your hunt for kills.

If you decide on building CDR, you will have to have a 2 second cool down from it, since it will be more beneficial for you. However, if you use the ”No Cooldown” mod, you can use this ability as another Willpower Dump.

Bleeding Edge
Positions to fill (1-16): 2, 3, 10, 13, 14.

This skill will allow you to deal the most amount of damage. Despotic Perseverance gives you a big Damage Boost.

Positions to fill (1-16): 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12.

This skill produces a big fire aura that will cause everything inside it to explode.


Stat Priority

  • +Damage
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Transfer Time Reduction
  • Maximum Health
  • Resists
  • Life Leech
  • Status Ailment Chance

Useful Uniques

  • Envy’s Denial
  • Seven Sister’s Pact

Gem Stat Priority

  • Transfer Time Reduction
  • Health
  • Resistances (any that are lacking)
  • Global Life Leech

Passive Skills

Attrition Strategist
The hits are likely to have an ailment effect. (60% Status Ailment Chance Score)

The Wild Card
Attacks and Spells have an increased chance of being critical hits. (60% Critical Hit Chance Score)

Furious Appetite
This allows one to passively generate Rage instead of Willpower.

Archion’s Teachings
Attacks and Spells that already launch projectiles will now launch an extra projectile. The damage of each projectile is also reduced.

Projectile Gunmage

This build focuses on the Ranged – Caster hybrid role. It employs projectile spells and attacks to scale the damage alongside the most powerful nodes from the passive tree.

However, the Alastor Cluster and Black nodes aren’t supposedly fruitful for this build.

Havoc Orbs
The main attack for this build will be Havoc Orb alongside a projectile spell. You can use Artic Spear or Consuming Embers as the main projectile spell.

For stasis, you can use Anomaly since it is a viable aether damage spell. It should provide you with the damage required and allow you to apply stasis.

You can also use the Railgun skill to apply stasis. It’s runes will allow you with a 100% chance of stasis.

Aether Jump
You can also use Aether Jump to apply stasis, but since it is a skill that is used to reposition, you can jump out instead and use the Havoc Orbs from a distance.

Avenger Autoturret
Avenger Autoturret is a supportive DPS skill which can allow you to add a lot of DPS in your boss fights, especially if you have the Sparking Dart passive.

For the last skill, you can use whatever you want to. However, the AoE heal skills can help you a lot.


Offensive Stats
Whenever you’re looking into item stats, you need to know that the most important offensive stats are those that allow flat damage to the spells, attacks and critical damage. After the flat damage, you should focus on the critical strike chance, so that you may get a reliable critical strike rate.

You also need to have a stat that give you a bigger chance of stasis. This can allow the Which Time Cannot Heal node from the passive tree to double your damage.

Other offensive stats that include damage percentage, or elemental damage percentage, or attack/cast speed score are also good, but they don’t scale all that well.

Defensive Stats
Stack health and resistance as much as possible. You can also employ some dodge chance.

Passive Skills

Come What May
Projectiles can pierce the enemies and damage those that are behind them. This node allows all projectile targets within 6m to be pierced.

Merciless Lethality
Your critical hits will deal an increased amount of damage (100%). While the non-crits will deal lesser damage (-30%).

The Wild Card
Gives you 60% Critical Strike Chance Score.

Feast for the Crows
Allows all sorts of damage Life Leech (2% Global Life Leech). Life Leech heals you on the next health regen tick.

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