Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Fury’s Ascent Quest Guide

Fury’s Ascent is the last main quest of Act 3 and hence the game. This Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Fury’s Ascent Quest Guide will help you finish this mission and start the endgame grind.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Fury’s Ascent Quest

In Fury’s Ascent quest, you will have to help Anasareth and activate the Access Platform. Anasareth is a Primordial guardian and you have to help him kill the three instruments of Fury.

To start this quest, enter the Monolith and traverse through the lower halls of the Monolith. Reach the Upper Halls of Monolith to find Anasareth there.

Talk to Anasareth you will tell you to help him kill the Three Instruments of Fury.

After killing all three of them, reach the end of a wing and Attune in its Altar. Now use the Conflux portal and talk to Anasareth again.

After the dialogue is complete, you will have to activate the Conflux Access Platform. But during this task, you will face an unexpected fight, with your father Heimlock.

You will fight to activate this portal. This fight will be in 3 phases because of his unfinished power.

First, you will have to overpower him, then vanquish him and then at last, break him! While you’re trying to defeat Heimlock, Gernese will lend a hand to activate this portal.

After the fight is done, talk to Gernese. Your quest will be completed now and you will have finished the main story of Wolcen.

Rewards: 450000 XP. 10000 Gold

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