Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Endgame Builds Guide

Wolcen in an epic action RPG game. Discover the epic adventure and destroy your foes offline and online. Build your characters to their own strengths by upgrading through the massive skill tree in the game. This guide will introduce you to some interesting Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Endgame Builds for what comes after the story campaign.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Endgame Builds

Basic Build

You can invest in the following skills for this build after completing the story campaign to start your endgame journey

Passive skills

Soldier – Dauntless, Heavy Blows, The Wild Card, Zealous Might.

Assassin – Slipping Shadow, Physical Conditioning, Merciless Lethality, Equipment Maintenance.

Guardian – Preseverance, Refined Technique, Chemically Empowered Metabolism, Rvasive Maneuvers, Precise Strikes, Swiftness.

Warmonger – Manic Slaughter, Blood Rush, Master of Frontline, Brutality, Feast for the Crows.

Guardian – Body and Mind, Physical Conditioning, Lithe, Shoot to Kill, Unstoppable.

Plague Assassin

Stats per Level: 2 Toughness, 8 Wisdom

The only piece of gear that is crucial for the build is the Dagger “Edict”. This dagger is responsible for making the build what it is. Other then this, random armor pieces can be used, with heavy chest and helm to take advantage of Salvatory Anchor.

If you somehow fail to get the dagger Edict, the build can also be run with some other one-handed melee weapon, as long as it has Toxic Procs.


Plagueburst – Swarm, Rapid Infection, Smog, Vitiation, Mortiferous bio. Here Swarm, Smog and Vitiation are most important.

Aether Jump – Quantum, Escape, Flight, March, Breath, Time.

Light-bringer – Solar, Sudden blinding Light, Noble blinding lights.

Livor Mortis – Glutton, Foul, Greif, Sacrifice, Gulf, Token.

Slayer’s Flurry – Final, Superdense, Foe, Moons, Cut, Curse, Slice, Knife.

Keep Plague and Mortis up all times. Teleport between a group of enemies, light jump into mobs, spam flurry to regain willpower, rinse and repeat.

With Disallowing Vessel, you’ll walk very slow but it’ll allow you to teleport in and out of enemy mobs very quickly.

Infinity Blade/Slayer Flurry Shadow Assassin

The build makes your character an expert in performing lethal dark slashes and dashes. You run Dagger+Catalyst and the build is for people who like want to slash and dodge around, dishing heavy damage from close to mid range.


You’d want like 20% Ailment Chances, 20-30% Atk/Spell Speed, and 50% Critical Chance. Once that’s satisfied, start stacking damage/dodge/hp and maintain those other thresholds.

So the attribute split may be weird, but re-roll till you get gears to maximize damage in Ferocity.

Look for gears with following stats:

  • %Crit Hit Damage/Added Shadow Damage to Spell (Scales IB)
  • %Occult Damage
  • Dodge Chance Score/HP
  • Ferocity/Crit Chance Score
  • Added Shadow Damage to Attacks (Scales SF)
  • Wisdom/Ailment Chance Score
  • Spell Attack Speed Score


Soldier – Wild Card

Assassin – Merciless

Abyssal Shaper – Occult Affliction

Cabalist – +5 Ailment Stacks small nodes

Scholar – Attribution Strategist

Sentinel – Fill Cabalist, Backline Raider

Warmonger – Feast for Crows, Bestial Frenzy

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