Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Eleazar Boss Guide

You will face Eleazar, Silenced Hierophant boss in the third act of Lords of Mayhem. The boss will be encountered whilst you’re doing the Illusions of Peace quest. This Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Eleazar Boss guide will include information about his attacks and the strategies that you would want to adhere to if you’re looking to put this boss down.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Eleazar Boss

The boss will have a shield right in front of him. The attacks that you make will be bounced off his shield. Which is why you will have to get closer to deal damage.

Hail of Arrows
As his main attack, the boss will unleash a hail of arrows. You can easily dodge the arrows if you keep track of game’s indicators since they will show you where the arrows will land.

Fighting Strategy
Once you’ve reached the boss, you will need to try and take out the other creeps while staying wary of the boss’s attacks as well. This is because the creeps following you and the boss around will obviously deal a certain damage to you as well and also cause hinderance to your mobility.

Once you’ve dealt with the creeps, you can focus yourself entirely on Eleazar. Since he holds a big shield, trying to deal damage from afar will only render your attacks useless since they’ll be bounced right off. Thus, what you’ll need to do is to get inside the radius marked around the boss and deal most of your attack combos once you’re very close to him.

However, the boss will channel for a slight moment and summon a hail of arrows all around. You can easily dodge these since the game shows where the arrows are going to land.

You will need to stay mobile to keep dodging his attacks and abilities. You can also try and kite by moving around the place, dashing in his circle when he’s off-guard and land your combos and dash out again. The boss isn’t all that difficult to defeat, all you need to do is to get close the distance at the right moments to land your attacks.

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