Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Edric Boss Guide

If you are also having trouble fighting the final boss Edric don’t worry you are not the only one. This Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Edric Boss guide will help you defeat this guy with ease.

A lot of players are finding it hard to beat this final boss Edric and hence we have made this guide to let you know of some of his deadly moves and how to beat him.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Edric Boss

Before we get to the ‘How to beat Edric’ part, let’s introduce you to some of his deadly moves and attacks. So basically three of his attacks are pretty devastating which you might have encountered too.

Charging Whirlwind
Edric will leap forward and perform the whirlwind attack two times in a row. This attacks covers a huge area around him and deals up to 1000 damage if you get hit by it.

If you get caught into it, hit SPACE continuously to roll out of it.

Ground Slam
Edric will jump high in the air, and as the name says, will perform a ground slam at your current position. Though it is hard to dodge this attack but at least it doesn’t kill you in a single hit.

But once he lands, he tremors in six different directions. If you get hit by him again in this sequel of the attack, you will more likely die.

So you should try to roll out and use mobility skill to evade his horizon of attack.

Mortar Strike
This is perhaps the most deadly move which happens three times in the game – once when his health reaches 75%, then at 50% and then at 25%.

He shield-walls himself in the middle of the map and bombard various locations with the ghosts.

At this point, you should damage Boss Edric by doing AoE moves. Prefer to do so right in the beginning so that he cannot complete his shield-wall and the whole move is then dissolved.

How to Beat Edric
There are basically three phases of the fight. Phase 1 and Phase 2 are not as tough as the Phase 3.

First phase is pretty simple. Edric doesn’t throw any deadly moves in that one and pretty much everybody clears that phase quite easily.

The second phase contains one destructive move though. It is when Edric starts firing in all four directions while moving around.

This move is pretty hard to evade if a proper focus on his every movement and fire direction is not maintained.

The third phase is where the actual cries begin. All of the destructive moves that we have described above, actually happen in this phase.

So in order to keep up with your progress, you have to move pretty fast in this round to save yourself.

But playing defensive is not what wins you a game. You have to be offensive too, by taking some calculated risks!

So the best strategy is to play a combo of Offensive and Defensive in such a way that you should note the weaknesses of Edric.

Weakness 1 – Huge Size: Edric has a huge size and hence takes time to turn around. You can use this weakness against him and once you evade an attack of him, go behind him and attack as much as possible.

Weakness 2 – Patterned Attacks: Pretty much all of these deadly attacks of Edric have a specific pattern. You can very easily understand the pattern and find loopholes in it. Like if he starts creating the Shield-wall, move fast and attack him consistently. This will break his wall as well as inflict reasonable damage.