Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem DPS Builds Guide

In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, you have a free hand to choose your gear which dictates your class and builds. If you are interested in damage dealing, our Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem DPS Builds will set you on the right path.

As mentioned above, gear dictates your class and the gear helps you level up meaning that the type of gear you choose will result in the strengthening of a certain stat.

There are some semi-permanent choices you can make and if you don’t like your choice, you can undo it for a fee of gold or Primordial Affinity. So, you will not be bound to a certain build forever.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem DPS Builds

The game has a unique perk system called the ‘Gates of Fate’. It is a sprawling wheel of nodes that can be rotated to pair up your favorite trees.

Ranged DPS

The best trees for dealing ranged damage on the center-most ring are the Soldier and Sentinel trees. So, we will be focusing on them.

Following perk priorities for our Soldiers and Sentinels will be a good option for your ranged build.

Soldiers will be the backbone of our Sentinel Tree. The following perks will greatly buff the abilities.

  • Quick Draw: +10% cooldown reduction for all skills.
  • Capable: +25% maximum health, +3% Rage cost reduction, +3% Willpower cost reduction.
  • Zealous Might: +15% attack damage, +10% critical hit damage.
  • Pain Resistance Program: +15% to all resistances score, +5% maximum health.

Rangers will provide very high ranged DPS. Following perks will greatly buff the abilities.

  • Shoot to Kill: +10% projectile damage.
  • Elusive: +15% dodge chance.
  • Lithe: +25 agility.
  • Bullseye: +25% projectiles critical damage.

The Assassin tree will boost our critical damage and movement speed. It will be easier to traverse the battlefield easily while putting up high damage numbers.

  • Swiftness: +15% attack speed.
  • Strike Like Lightning: +5% move speed, +5% attack speed, +5% spell casting speed.
  • Physical Conditioning: +100 maximum health, +5% maximum health.
  • Escape Artist: +1 stamina point.

Ranged Build Gear
As this is a ranged setup, we will also require some ranged gear. You should opt for items that come with increased projectile and critical damage.

They should also provide critical chance to compliment the perks you’ve taken in the Sentinel and Assassin trees.

Fast attack speed is also something to consider when preparing your loadout. Faster attacks mean more damage per second.

Best bow skills
For our build, the following skills will be very useful.

Mark of Impurity
It marks an enemy, which increases the amount of damage it takes. With the Target Eliminated modifier, your massive critical damage will be huge.

Phantom Blades
Phantom Blades sends out a large projectile toward your enemies. Cut Through the Ether modifier allows you some extra mobility.

Arrows Wail
It provides an area of effect barrage. Arrows Wail is one of your primary damage dealing skills. It’s useful on large groups of enemies, as well as big, slow bosses.

“Avenger” Auto turret
The auto turret is good for killing enemies around as you’re trying to escape. If you select the Self-Destruct Protocol modifier, it will explode on being destroyed, which can help you thin particularly dense mobs of enemies.

The Bladestorm Warpath Build

In this build, we will be aiming for huge DPS with the Bladestorm skill. You can start playing this build as soon as you can use a 2h weapon and for a huge damage boost.

In this build, we will invest all our points in Ferocity because we want to have high critical chance.

For this build, the following gear is recommended.

Spiked Hammer:

  • +20% Critical Hit Chance
  • +18% Attack Speed

Masterwork Bascinet:

You can obtain this easily from the rift.

  • +17% Dodge Chance
  • +8% Damage per 100 unspent Rage points
  • +35% Elemental Resistance

Masterwork Breastplate:

You can obtain this easily from the rift.

  • 17% Dodge Chance
  • 18% Dodge Chance
  • +8% Damage per 100 unspent Rage points

Bladestorm Warpath Skills
In this build, the following skills will be useful.


  • Increases Damage
  • Helps prolong the skill.
  • Leaves damaging area on the ground for a few seconds.

Sovereign Shout:

  • Grants rage per enemy hit.
  • Increases chance of Health Globes spawning.
  • Increases duration of all buffs.

Tracker’s Reach and Wings of Ishmir:

  • Greater Rage generation.
  • Knockback enemies on landing.

Skill tree
Your aim will be to train Warmongers and Assassins. Following perk priorities will be a good option for our build.


  • Manic Slaughter: +2 damage per 100 unspent rage points.
  • Appetite for Bloodshed: +35 Rage Generation on Kill


  • Merciless Lethality: +60% Critical Hit damage. +30% Damage.


  • The Wild Card: +50% Critical Hit

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