Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Cordial Invitation Quest Guide

In this Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Cordial Invitation Quest guide, there are approximately 10 tasks that you will have to do for completing the Cordial Invitation. We will provide you with tips with which you would be able to fly through this quest easily and quickly.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Cordial Invitation Quest

Like every other quest in Wolcen, there are a number of missions relating to this quest as well. You can do these missions throughout the game and when you are done with all of them your quest will be completed.

These are the tasks associated with Cordial Invitation Quest:

  • Go inside and investigate the Incubation Chambers
  • Speak with Lambach
  • Take out all of Valeria’s Clones
  • Get out of the Area
  • Delve Deeper
  • Get to the Corrupted Catalyst Overlook
  • Get to the Genesis
  • Speak with Lambach again
  • Defeat the Flesh Creatures
  • Take out Lambach
  • Actually kill Lambach

The creature called Lambach will discuss similarities of Heimlock with you and you will come to know that Valeria has been cloned and you have to take out the clones so that you are able to leave the area and move on to find Helion.

You have to go in further and launch the Lambach boss fight and you will get to the Genesis. Once you get there the first piece would be with Helion and then you will have to fight with the Lambach.

There will be Flesh Creatures there that you have to take out and kill Lambach. Fire shoot is her most damaging attack which you can escape by dodging.

In order to attack her, you will have to get behind and attack her from the back.

When you do so, you will believe that you have defeated the boss but actually that wasn’t even the boss. That was just the starter because the real boss is a Lambach that is much larger.

In order to defeat her, you have to keep moving as it would be much easier for her to hit you if you stop and always dodge her attacks by rolling or moving out of the way. Ignore the other enemies there and just focus on killing her.

Once you kill Lambach the Cordial Invitation quest will be completed.

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