Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Children of Heimlock Quest Guide

This Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Children of Heimlock quest guide will walk you through all the objectives and mission of the quest: Children of Heimlock.

Wolcen Children of Heimlock Quest

Children of Heimlock serves as the prologue of the game begins with the opening cutscene that follows into the Legion marching against the Brotherhood of Dawn.

The forces are pinned down by archer from above. This is where the Children of Heimlock quest begins.


  1. Follow Maëlys
  2. Talk to Maëlys
  3. Reach the Ledge
  4. Clear the Ledge
  5. Kill the Sapper
  6. Fight Through the Phenomenon
  7. Reach the Nearby Ledge
  8. Listen to the Surroundings
  9. Question the Scout
  10. Defend Valeria

The first of objective is to follow Maelys to neutralize the Flayers. Upon talking to her she will tell you to go up the ledges and “Clear the Ledges” which is the next objective. You will take one side and kill all the flayers to complete this.

You’ll need to be aware of the basic combat controls that’ll show up as tips. They are;

  • LEFT-CLICK on enemies to Attack them. The dash attack has a cooldown.
  • Press SPACE to Dodge Roll, requires Stamina points.
  • Press RIGHT-CLICK to unleash a powerful electric attack.

When you’ve killed the flayer goons, you will come across the Sapper called – Borok. Killing him will complete the objective, after which a phenomenon will begin.

The cliff will start to fall apart and you’ll have to “Fight Through the Phenomenon” alongside Valeria and Edric.

Killing the souls and flayers, you will reach an open area i.e. “The Nearby Ledge”, where you will find a scout suffering from some sort of spell.

When you question him, a cutscene will take place and you’ll end up thrown apart with Valeria lying unconscious near you. That’ll give you your last objective “Defend Valeria” against the lost souls.

While fighting the goons a boss – Yudai Whisper of Anameterassu will appear. After a little fight, you’ll assume your Apocalyptic Form to fight Yudai but all in vain and you are overpowered.

Valeria who has recovered in the meantime to distract Yudai for you both to escape. That is where the Children of Heimlock quest ends.

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