Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bane of the Storm Quest Guide

This Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bane of the Storm Quest guide will cover one of the main quests in the game titled The Bane of the Storm. We will cover all the objectives and how to fulfill them.

Bane of the Storm ends with a boss fight against Sirkis so be prepared for that.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bane of the Storm Quest

Go speak with Mohabi, the Merchant then with Demetra, the Archivist to select your rewards. Once you’ve met them, proceed to farmsteads and speak with Thunderblade Faarad to get the Bane of the Storm mission.

Head to Sandor’s camp and speak with the Stormfall Guard before teleporting to the event “The Last Stand”.

Your job is to fight against the assault from the North by eliminating as many Tunnelers as you can while resisting the Spitters. Eventually, you’ll encounter the Alpha and will have to engage in a boss fight.

Once you’ve won that, speak with Thunderblade Sandor to get the mission in which you need to locate the entrance to both the Svriir Cave Networks.

Explore until you find the den of the creatures and kill as many enemies as you can when you encounter them.

Eventually, you will have to fight and take down Sirkis Bane. This boss will come at you with its mighty claws, fire and tail. We recommend you stay mobile and time your dodges before focusing your attacks on the boss’s back.

Once you kill it, head to the Palace and talk with the Merchant-Prince Damaskus to get your reward and finish the Bane of the Storm quest.