Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Aspects Guide

In Wolcen you can briefly change your character to temporarily transform into a pristine being or apocalyptic form. This can be achieved through the four Aspects that have their own set of skills that you can make use of while in your apocalyptic form. This Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Aspects guide will cover all you need to know about the four Aspects, including how to unlock them and use them.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Aspects

You unlock the very first aspect when you’re about to finish Chapter 1 of Wolcen. You can choose which one you want and then unlock more over the course of the game. You can switch to another aspect at any time after unlocking a new one.

Once you’ve collected enough Primordial Essence by killing enemies to fill your Aspect’s meter in Wolcen, you can switch to your Apocalyptic form by pressing [R].

You will stay in Aspect form until the meter is depleted. At which point you’ll have to gather more Primordial Essence.

Aspect of Dawn
This aspect focuses on executing sacred abilities that to deal light or holy damages against enemies


  • Immaculate Score: Deal huge amounts of Sacred damage.
  • Will of the Protector: Pull enemies towards you and then hit them with a powerful hammer blow that ends up dealing Sacred damage while generating Essence of Sanctity.
  • Hammer of the Aurora: Launch your hammer to pull enemies into the center and damage them. You can reactivate it to create a powerful explosion.

Aspect of War
This aspect aims to continuously deal Fire damage to enemies.


  • Frenzy Attacks: Deals long range Fire Damage and stacks of frenzy will increase the speed of attack.
  • Unflinching Assault: Slam the ground in a cone in front of you, to do Fire damage to foes.
  • Scorching Obelisk of War: Consume all current frenzy stacks to bring forth a pillar of flame to deal fire damage over time.
  • Strife of Baäpheth: Unleash a blade of flame, dealing Fire damage in a long line.
  • Charge of the First Warrior: You will charge at the area of the cursor while dishing out Fire damage in the form of an explosion around you.

Aspect of Infinity
This aspect focuses on executing Aether damages that allows the character to use time and space against enemies


  • Biorhytmic Missiles: Auto-targeting projectiles that deal Aether damage and generate points of Entropy.
  • Calamitous Paradox: Use up Points of Entropy to fire projectile of unstable existential energy that will deal Aether damage. The projectile explodes upon reactivation of the skill.
  • Inevitable Obsolescence: Select multiple targets and you will fire a beam that will deal Aether damage to them.
  • Spatial Warp: Tear a hole in time and space and obliterate all enemies in front of you with a huge beam of Aether damage.
  • Parallel Convergence: You can create a clone of yourself at a selected location and then switch to the clone’s location by reactivating the skill.

Aspect of Flesh
This aspect focuses on executing Rend damages that inflict wound and critical attacks.


  • Boneblade Incisions: Multiple slashes that deal Rend damage.
  • Bone Shuriken: Leap backward and fire razor-sharp projectiles at your foes.
  • Eviscerating Flurry: Deal Rend Damage in the form of a series of high speed attacks.
  • Hungering Flesh: You divide yourself into 3 parts and then attack your enemy from all sides.
  • Rapid Assimilation: Dash through the bodies of your enemies