Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem AoE Builds Guide

In this guide, we shall discuss the builds that will help you fly through every difficult step in the game along with the skills from the skill tree necessary for that build. Keeping the intro short let’s get started some of the best Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem AoE Builds.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem AoE Builds

Fireball AoE Build

Getting damage through ailments and sustaining a fireball were the main purposes of this build. Initially, your hits will be small but they will go up with time. Your fireballs will no longer explode because of Heartpiercer but they will be able to pierce through the enemies by turning into huge burning balls.

You will have three fireballs when you pick up Engulfing Desires which is pretty nuts. The 2 ailments that synergize really well together are Burn and Shock and they can do a lot of damage to the opponent.

We do have a bit of cap on the damage because the Primordial Insights on the tree don’t work for now. We get most of our damage from Power of the First Men, Immortal Offering, Grievous Afflictions, and Insidious Decay.

There are other better options possibly than the Oracle of trinity but we can see that most of them lackluster and in case you share the same opinion then you can add more defenses and cause we are not using a rage dump then we must pick up all the extra Willpower and % cost reduction as much as we can.

Major Skills

Now we will discuss the major skills we will be using in this build:

Fireball: You can use cast speed with 10 skill points along with willpower cost reduction, meteor shower (+1 proj), Increased Ailment Damage, Heartpiercer and Engulfing Desires.

Winter Grasp: This button will help you stay alive when your health is about to end.

Aether Jump: You get more mobility with this.

Stats: Till they fix the Primordial Insights issue you should put all points into wisdom.

Gear: You need to know that anything that adds to wisdom, damage or ailment damage would be very good and you should look for life stacking gear as well. Agony is a great armor but there is a 50% chance it will work for you so use at your own risk.

Insidious Decay: More stacks will be applied to an enemy while applying ailments other forms of damage will obviously be less potent.

Grievous Afflictions: You can apply once ailment type at a time using Hits. Using this ability you would be able to use an additional ailment.

Immortal Offering: You will get temporary damage boost when you kill an enemy with ailments.

Pinch Runner: There is a cooldown associated with this ability and you get extra stamina points due to which you would be able to use dodge rolls even at low health.

Backline Raider: The speed of attacks and spells is increased.

Attrition Strategist: You will inflict an ailment on its target with every hit.

Safe from Afar: it works with a limit but as far as an enemy is, they will receive proportionally more damage.

Omnitempest: You will have a chance of casting a meteor where your cursor is when you use the fire skill and of casting a frost lance while casting a Frost skill and the same goes for the lighting skill.

Ailments(Burst, AoE) Mage

This is also ailment damage focused build. The major skills associated with this are:

Infinity blades: This will lower the enemy’s resistance to damage as an enemy will take 5x more dps while using infinity blade mentioned; Sublime cut, rehearsal for Armageddon, anti-mobility form, reading of quantic memories, material sinkhole, and cosmic recursion.

Plaguebringer: You can clear a lot of trash using poison which would be rapid onest cutaneous infection, noxious smog, blades of pestilence, vitiation, nervous agent, and biohazard.

Anomaly: You can us this skill for healing and AOE damage burst using event horizon, echoes of infinity, confluence of all things , auspicious cosmology.

Bulwark of dawn: vitality exhumed, sacred grounds, blade of truth, generative star, burning blam, divine omnipresence.

Annihilation: With this skill you can much more damage per second using the flow of infinity, one with the weave, finalitys axiom , pressure of time, radiation, extravagant blast.

Livor Mortis: This can be used for damage reduction. You can take any modifier you want along with generational Grief.

Toxic Emanations: In a seven meter radius every enemy will get a poison stack every 2 seconds.

Residual Energy: You get additional spell damage for your next attack when you cast a spell.

Elementary Destabilization: If you willpower goes below 25%, you can cause an explosion whose damage will depend on your force shield or health

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