Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Alastor Boss Guide

In the first act of Wolcen, you are going to encounter a mini-boss named Alastor. You are going to come across this mini-boss during A Warm Welcome quest. There are some strategies and tactics required to defeat Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Alastor Boss.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Alastor Boss

Firstly, you need to know about the attacks that Alastor uses in the fight. These attacks include Charge, Comrades, Quick Strikes, and Dodge. You need to know about these attacks and how to overcome these in order to win the fight.

Charge is one of the attacks that Alastor uses which are quick attacks. These attacks give him mobility so he can change positions around the area.

With Charge, Alastor can easily inflict damage on you and your health point decreases.

Comrades are the minions that Alastor summons who are going to come to fight you. You need to take care of them first and fight them before they come in your way and do you more damage.

Then there are some Quick strikes that Alastor uses in which he inflicts damage by using blades. If Alastor is close to you then he is going to use this attack in which there will be some quick blade strikes.

Just move back whenever he uses this attack on you to avoid damage.

You also possess some special attacks that you use on the enemies but when you use these attacks on Alastor, he has the ability to Dodge these attacks very easily.

This falls under the drawbacks as you have to be very quick when you go to attack him.

Just remember when you are fighting Alastor, be as mobile and quick as you can as it is going to help you attack him some frequently.

Use every chance that you get to attack him and once his health is low enough, he’ll be more vulnerable to your attacks.