Wolcen Best Stats and Attributes Guide

Your characters will have various stats and attributes that will begin to define their ability to effectively holding the line in battle. In this guide, we will go over all the Wolcen Best Stats and Attributes.

Wolcen Best Stats and Attributes

Improving certain aspects of your stats in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem with respect to your character’s build can help to rack up insane amounts of damage.

Main Stats

You will lose Health Points if enemies damage you. Picking up the right piece of gear or simply leveling your character up, can effectively increase the maximum amount of HP you have.

Leveling up is done when your experience points reach a certain limit. You will be able to gain experience by killing various monsters and completing different quests found throughout the game.

Leveling is an integral part of the game. Your character’s perks, stats, and abilities are directly linked to this idea. Leveling up provides you with more attribute points that you are able to invest in your character (More on that below).

Force Shield
The Force Shield is the first thing to reduce whilst taking damage; upon complete depletion, you will begin to lose Health. Force Shield does regenerate out of combat; so feel free to back out of tense situations to take a breather.

Survival Stats

Health Regeneration & Health Regeneration Rate
After losing health in combat, you can regenerate a specific amount of health; which varies depending on your character’s gears and stats. The rate at which this health regenerates may also vary with respect to what your character is utilizing at that point.

Life Leech (Attack and Spell)
Attacking enemies with Spells or Attacks gives you a percentage of your health back; your Attack and Spell Life Leech percentage are different. Life Leech can be improved using Skill Trees, or simply finding any gear that improves Life Leech.

Force Shield Regeneration & Force Shield Regeneration Delay
You are able to restore a certain amount of Force Shield per second out of combat; you can re-generate your shield after evading your way out of combat after a little delay.

Block Chance & Block Efficiency
Blocking an attack reduces its effects based on Block Efficiency. Block Chance is gained by equipping a shield (usually). The higher your Block Efficiency, more damage you’ll neglect from an incoming attack.

Presence is an indication of how readily your enemies will be able to detect you and engage you in combat. At 0% you are invisible, and at values of 100% or more than 100%, you can get spotted and be tracked by your enemies.

Dodge Chance
The chance that you will completely evade an attack, ignore all of its damage and effects entirely.

Movement Speed
Your swiftness; effectively being able to move from one point to another.


Average Damage
The average damage is going to be what you’re dishing out to your enemies; given to you by the best of your weapon’s abilities found throughout your adventures.

Attack Speed Bonus
The additional attack speed you gain on top of your base speed which directly depends on your weapon of choice.

Critical Chance & Critical Damage
Critical Chance is the chance you will be able to inflict a critical hit on your enemy; and Critical Damage determines the multiplier of damage with respect to the weapon.


  • Weapon Damage – The damage you deal in one strike with your equipped weapon.
  • Physical – Physical Damage is the default damage type for weapons.
  • Frost – If your weapon has a Frost Effect, it has a chance to freeze your targeted enemy.
  • Lightning – Lightning Damage has a chance to shock the target.

Ailment Chance
The chance to leave an enemy with an ailment from an equipped weapon’s effect.

Rage on Hit
Rage on Hit determines how many Rage Points you will generate every time you hit an enemy with a weapon with the exception of Staves.


Your Ferocity factors in to increase your Attack Critical Chance Score (Correlates with your Attack Critical Chance) as well your Spell Critical Chance Score (Correlates with your Spell Critical Chance).

Agility influences your Attack Speed and Spell Casting directly; making your attacks more frequent and DPS higher.

Toughness helps to keep you alive in battle by keeping your Health and Force Shield up high and more durable.

Wisdom affects you’re the chance you will be able to inflict an ailment on your enemy. It modifies your Attack Status Ailment Chance and Spell Status Ailment Chance.

Attribute Points
Your attribute amounts can be invested into your character; and thus making them more effective to your needs.

Attribute Amount
The Attribute Amount is your current Attribute Amount and the gauge shows your Attribute compared to the expected value at your level. It also shows if the attribute is Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Quaternary.

Reset Attributes
Giving a specific amount of gold allows you to reset all attribute points and re-invent your character if you will.

Bonus Damage from Attributes
Attribute Points give Bonus Damage. Primary Attributes give more Bonus Damage compared to the rest of them.

Reset Passives
You can reset all your Passive Skills for the right price, allowing you to re-assign all your passives from the start.

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