How To Respec In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In any RPG, once you have invested enough points in your character’s stats there comes a point when you might feel like changing up the stats or resetting progress to try a new build. The same is true for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. If someone is interested in learning a new spell or wants to try out a new build, they will have to make sure of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty respec feature.

However, the ability to respec your character isn’t unlocked from the start in Wo Long and you need to make some progress in the game before you can reset your stats for a new build.

How to unlock Wo Long Fallen Dynasty respec feature

After reaching part 3 of the main story, you will unlock a new feature called Reset Parameters. This will allow you to respec your character’s stats in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and make it as per your needs.

Specifically, the Reset Parameters feature in Wo Long is unlocked after completing the mission “In Search Of The Immortal Wizard.” It is recommended to be at least level 25 before you attempt this mission. After meeting Zuo Ci at the mountain shrine, he will return to the hidden village and from there you can use Reset Parameters.

Travel to the Hidden Village and then enter the house across from the Battle Flag and you should find Zuo Ci sitting there. Talk to Zuo Ci to respec your character and reallocate virtue points.

The game will become more complex and challenging as you advance further into the journey. So, you must develop skills and abilities to tackle that problem. As you play the game, you will acquire Genuine Qi. It is a vital resource that you can invest in five different virtues. These elemental virtues will grant bonuses to various stats of your character.

For example, investing in Fire virtue reduces the spirit cost of martial arts. But let’s say you invested in the wrong element and regret your decision. Don’t worry; resetting your parameters in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will allow you to reallocate your Qi into another virtue of your choosing.

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