Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhao Yun Boss Guide

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhao Yun is a friendly boss that will help players push back their enemies. You can find him during the mission...

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhao Yun is a friendly boss that will help players push back their enemies. You can find him during the mission “The Unparalleled Spear.” Though Zhao Yun is an ally, is he this sweet from the first encounter?

After you meet Zhao Yun early in the game, he will challenge you to a friendly duel. Despite this being a friendly battle, Zhao Yun here will give you a tough time. Therefore, the recommended level for you to take this side mission is 57.

Defeating Zhao Yun in Wo Long will be very beneficial as you won’t only become a friend with Zhao Yun, but he will drop some essential items including the unique spear he uses. This guide will discuss everything players need to know about their interaction with Zhao Yun in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Zhao Yun’s attacks

Zhao Yun’s biggest strength in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is his spear. This spear has a very long range and can easily reach you; therefore, you must be extremely careful. Whistling Vortex in Wo Long is a special art that only Zhao Yun’s spear can use. He, therefore, makes the best use of this attack. Zhao Yun can fly around with his spear pointed toward you and drill you at any time, making it deadly.

Zhao Yun’s critical blows are his greatest strength, like any other boss. These critical blows and your reaction to these are the real deciders of the battle’s success. Zhao Yuns starts glowing red and bends down, indicating his Leaping Critical blow. He will slash straight upwards and then land with a powerful blow that gives you the damage.

Apart from this critical blow, there are others, among which Spear Flurry Critical Blow is a special mention as it can deal the most significant damage. For this, he swirls his spear around extremely fast and then runs toward you; therefore, keep an eye on him as he does this.

Another attack is in which Zhao Yun dashes toward you as he thrusts his spear in Wo long Fallen Dynasty. If he connects this with thrusts and swings, it becomes tough for the players to dodge it.

The most dangerous of all attacks is when he summons Qillin. This forms a five-stone pillar and can cause significant damage as you strike with any of these pillars. Also, Zhao Yun can move you toward that pillar; therefore, be cautious as he summons Qillin and moves far.

As you know about the attacks, it’s time to chalk out a strategy to bring down Zhao Yun.

How to defeat Zhao Yun in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Being a friendly duel, this is a reasonably short battle, however equally tough as with any other bosses. Zhao Yun, during the fight, can make multiple attacks anytime, and there are no such patterns, but you can always use your spirit to attack him in the battle.

It’s recommended that players take Straight Sabre, a Sword, and a Dual Sabre when encountering him, as they will help you land fast blows. Zhao Yun’s biggest strength is his spear and the Whistling Martial Arts that comes with his spear.

With this, he can fly anytime and drill his spear into your stomach; therefore, you should always be ready to deflect and dodge it. This move is very dangerous; fortunately, it has a long wind-up, so players can relax once they have blocked one.

Then, as he starts hitting his critical blows, it is time to deflect them in an active and timely manner. One of his critical blows, a devastating spear flurry critical blow can be avoided by maintaining a safe distance from him as soon as he swirls around his spear.

Apart from this critical blow, he will land another in which he slashes up and hits a heavy slam as he lands. Before this critical blow, Zhao Yun glows all red, and thus, the first portion of this blow is lockable; however, you can deflect the second part and use it as your counterattack and reduce Zhao Yun’s health.

When nothing is working, Zhao Yun will summon a Qilin. The divine beast creates five stone pillars. As players hit any of these pillars, they get damaged; therefore, as soon as he summons the Qilin, you need to use the large area and move away. This will help you avoid hitting the pillar, as Zhao Yun himself tends to grab you towards the pillar.

The key to winning this fight is to be aware of Qilin and move beside him whenever he forwards and tries to attack with his spear.

You can get some rewards as you defeat Zhao Yun. This includes armor pieces of the Boldness set and, of course, the Unparalleled Spear. Also, as you defeat him, Zhao Yun will appreciate and respect you for your efforts.