Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Rang Boss Guide

Unlike other bosses, In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Rang tries to outsmart you instead of fighting you head-on by summoning his clones...

Zhang Rang is the final boss you will face in the Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch. This boss is known for the sorcery he uses in the fights against his opponents. Unlike other bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Rang tries to outsmart you instead of fighting you head-on. The boss will summon many of his clones to fight you in the battle. This guide will reveal all of Zhang Rang’s secrets and how to defeat him in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

It’s advised that before you tackle Zhang Rang, you farm sufficient morality and fortitude (25, max is recommended. Divine Beasts ofcourse can also be quite helpful in this fight.

Zhang Rang’s attacks

Zhang Rang’s most annoying attack is basically a trick that persists throughout the fight. The boss summons his clones in the arena, and they swarm you simultaneously. You can find which Zhang Rang is real since there is no health bar over the real one’s head, but fighting off multiple enemies at once can be a huge problem.

Each of these clones has its own attack patterns and abilities they use and since he can spawn more of them, there really isn’t much point in learning their weaknesses.

For melee attacks, Zhang Rang has only a few of them. Zhang Rang has a sword-dash attack. You see the boss’s sword glow red, and then he rushes at you to cut through you, pure ronin style. Second, Zhang Rang had a three-slash attack in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

All three slashes can be deflected individually. These attacks are fast, so it’s better to block them if you fail to deflect the first attacks. The last melee attack Zhang Rang uses is the blade spin. Zhang Rang will jump up and start spinning his sword as he flies toward you. Dodge the attack instead of trying to deflect it.

From here on, we only see the sorcerer’s elemental attacks. The first is an AoE attack. Zhang Rang will jump up and strike his sword on the ground. This strike summons purple lightning that spreads all around Zhang Rang. You need to dodge away from the attack if you cannot deflect it in Wo Long fallen Dynasty.

Zhang Rang can summon lightning orbs and lightning bolts to attack you. The orbs are slower, creating lingering lightning that damages you if you enter them. The bolt, on the other hand, is relatively fast and aimed directly at you. You can dodge both of these attacks quite easily in the game.

Zhang Rang summons temporary clones to surround you and shoot lighting orbs. The attack leaves Zhang Rang completely open if you escape the surrounding clones.

How to defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Rang’s lightning attacks need to be countered. Of course, you need to bring proper gear to ensure you take reduced damage from lightning and be ready to dodge most of the attacks, even when you have spent most of the game learning how to deflect like a boss.

One spell that you need to bring with you is the Absorb Vitality spell. Zhang rang loves summoning clones, and all of these have HP bars of their own, and you can always use this to your benefit. Killing the clones allows you to refill your HP, reduce the boss’s posture, and fulfill your spirit gauge to use your critical attacks on Zhang Rang.

It’s best to bring as many NPC allies as possible. These NPCs will be very useful for distracting the clones in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty as you pick them off. On the same note, it’s always best to kill the clones before you attack the real Zhang Rang, as he will be less aggressive when his clones are around.

Zhang Rang is not the strongest boss you come across, and the ability to summon clones only provides you additional opportunities to attack and hit him harder.

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