Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Jiao Boss Guide

Zhang Jiao is one of the bigger bosses you will fight in the game. In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Jiao is the fifth and final boss of the Demon of the Yellow Heaven mission. He is known as the General of Heaven in the game.

You can’t easily defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty until you know the attacks the boss will use and how to counter them. So we have prepared this guide to help you with the Zhang Jiao attacks and tips to defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Zhang Jiao’s attacks

Zhang Jiao’s main elemental attack in Wo Long is the lightning and wind so you will face a lot of fast lightning and wind-based attacks.

As you start the fight, Zhang Jiao mainly uses melee attacks with a few AoE attacks. As soon as you enter the arena, Zhang Jiao slams his staff twice on the ground, and each time he does, a wave of wind travels outwards from Zhang Jiao in all directions. This attack can only be deflected.

For Lightning attacks, there are two main spells Zhang Jiao uses during the fight. The first has Zhang Jiao cast lightning down on you from above. The points of lightning drops are random, but multiple lightning drop at once and in quick succession. These do not leave lingering lightning on the ground. Best if avoided.

The second attack has him cast slow-moving lightning orbs that move randomly. These explode on contact and leave lingering lightning wherever they explode. Zhang Jiao uses a lot of melee attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

First, you get a variety of swipes. These can either be from his claws, his staff, or both. Next, these swipes can cover different areas. These can be direct frontal, 180°, or 360° swipes. Zhang Jiao can also chain multiple swipes from his staff and claw together for a multi-hit combo.

Next, you get slams. Again, there are slams from Zhang Jiao’s claws and Zhang Jiao’s staff. Zhang Jiao can either do a single slam, multiple slams from both staffs, claw in a chain, or jump up before doing a slam.

Zhang Jiao’s melee attacks can be easily deflected, but we have other strategies in mind.

How to defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Before you head into Zhang Jiao’s arena, be ready to counter lightning and reduce all damage from lightning attacks.

If you have played any Dark Soul game, you need to follow the same procedure to defeat Zhang Jiao in this game. Stick to the boss’s back and keep attacking the boss’s ass. You need to only keep an eye out for the boss turning around; otherwise, you smack away the boss by always staying behind it.

You need to be very aggressive while busy smacking Zhang Jiao. Use your NPC companion to his full extent and try to ensure that Zhang Jiao always focuses on your ally while you destroy him from behind.

Using buffing spells to strengthen yourself and your ally, and use spells such as Poison Bubbles and Absorb Vitality to damage Zhang Jiao while also healing yourself continuously.

Zhang Jiao is the easiest boss you might have faced until now in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. So much that you don’t even have to focus on deflecting the boss’s attacks or learning the attack pattern that deeply to counter it. You can use a fast weapon and keep chewing away the boss’s health.

Yes, we recommend going for agility over damage because Zhang Jiao might turn around anytime, and you need to be able to move away. Using a more potent but slower weapon might result in you getting caught in the attack, and you might be locked in an attack, unable to dodge away.

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