Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao Boss Guide

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Bao is the third boss you will face at the end of The Valley of the Crying Wraiths mission. Even though he is known as the General of Earth, Zhang Bao uses a lot of magic, and almost none are earthly.

Zhang Bao is the first boss that uses sorcery and spells regularly in the fight, making the entire encounter with Zhang Bao difficult. But you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you deal with Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao’s attacks and strategies to take him out.

Zhang Bao’s attacks

As we know, Zhang Bao heavily depends on sorcery and magic in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, so you must change your strategy for this fight.

Phase 1

Zhang Bao uses fire spells for most of the fight and rarely depends on melee attacks. At the start and during the first half of the fight, Zhang Bao doesn’t use any melee attacks and only uses the spell he has.

The main spell Zhang bao uses is a close-range fire throw attack. The flame burst is directly in front of him and has limited range. The attack will stun you and deal massive damage, and even after the first hit, the flame will leave a lingering damage ailment effect for a few seconds, leaving you completely defenseless. Dodge that attack, as it is very fast.

Zhang Bao uses a close-range AoE attack, summoning flames around him. These flames have the same effect as the previous attack. Again, we recommend dodging the attack instead of trying to deflect it in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Lastly, Zhang Bao uses a long-range AoE attack, where he summons a circle of fire. The fire circle starts at Zhang Bao’s position and spreads outwards, covering the entire arena where you fight Zhang Bao. You can only avoid this attack using the deflect mechanic. There is no way to block or dodge the attack any other way.

Phase 2

After you have depleted over half of Zhang Bao’s health, he becomes much more aggressive. He gains new powerful ranged attacks and starts depending on his melee attacks.

First of all, Zhang Bao gets two additional range attacks. The first is a flame wall that traces you. The best way to deal with this attack s to deflect it instead of trying to dodge it.

For the second attack, Zhang Bao launches rotating fire orbs. These orbs orbit Zhang Bao and move outwards from him. To deal with these two again, deflect is your best option.

Last, we will look at the only melee attack we saw Zhang Bao use as a spin attack. In this attack, Zhang Bao rotates and hits the target. You can deflect this attack easily and retaliate in Wo Long fallen Dynasty.

How to defeat Zhang Bao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

First, you need to know how to read Zhang Bao’s attacks. Fortunately, before every spell, you see a red glow around Zhang Bao and hear his bell ringing. This is your clue to get back if you are on the frontal assault, or get ready to buff your NPCs and avoid the attack if you are playing the support.

Zhang Bao requires a completely different strategy to defeat. You can use brute force to defeat Zhang Bao, but there is another more efficient way to fight Zhang Bao. You get two NPC fighters to help you in the main boss fight, and you can literally let them tank the fight for you.

Both of the NPCs you get to are extremely aggressive, but they are weaker on their own. You need to play the healer support role to keep up for the fight.

You can use the various spells you have at your disposal to refill your allies’ health, damage, and defense. This keeps them alive long enough to kill the boss for you, and their attack damage is high enough to deal effective damage. You can stay on the sidelines and focus on dodging or deflecting the Zhang Bao attacks.

If in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Bao is stunned or locked in an attack animation; you can move in for some attacks.

After Zhang Bao’s health reaches half, he will summon four demons, one in each corner of the arena. Your job is immediately to kill them before they can formally join the fight and distract your allies. You can do it safely, as Zhang Bao will be busy with your ally NPCs.

Watch for Zhang Bao’s teleportation even if you are keeping your distance. Zhang Bao teleports often in the fight and will often be teleported to you. Make sure you are always moving so you don’t get caught unguarded from your back.

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