Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Xiahou Dun Boss Guide

Xiahou Dun in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a flying demon with fire wings. You can find Xiahou Dun during a side mission...

Xiahou Dun in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a flying demon with fire wings. You can find Xiahou Dun during a side mission, War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely. He has fire wings using, with which he can stay airborne and move very fast, making fighting with him difficult.

Players can fight Xiahou Dun twice in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You’ll find him in a human form the second time you battle with him in the mission The Two Walls Stand Tall. This guide will discuss how you can succeed in your battles against Xiahou Dun. Here we will elaborate on his attack patterns and draft a strategy to take him down.

There are plenty of other bosses as well in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty like Zhang Rang so if you are looking to defeat him as well, you can refer to our guide.

Xiahou Dun’s attacks

Unlike other bosses with spears or swords, Wo Long’s Xiahou Dun has a strange weapon and special fire wings. Therefore, Xiahou Dun can quickly move around his arena, and most attacks have high mobility. Xiahou Dun’s attacks are pretty simple compared to those of Liu Bei or any other boss.

Xiahou Dun can fly around the arena, releasing fire on the ground. This makes it difficult for players to move around to attack Xiahou Dun in his arena. Another dangerous attack of Xiahou Dun is Spinning Blaze.

During this attack, Xiahou Dun flies up, spins, and then releases a fire on the ground. Your spirit gauge will be pretty much affected by it if caught.

Apart from his fire wings, Xiahou Dun also uses his weapon to attack players. He will always accelerate his attack and slam his weapon on the ground. Fortunately, the good thing about Xiahou Dun is that he is very fast, but before most of the attacks, he flies up, giving players time to prepare to dodge the attack.

Conclusively, Xiahou Dun’s attacks include his critical blows and his spinning dives to smash his weapon. His critical blows are of two types, one is with a feint, and the other is instant. If you are far from him, you can easily distinguish between these critical blows and react accordingly.

How to defeat Xiahou Dun in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Defeating Xiahou Dun in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is not that hard due to his comparatively simpler attack. Fortunately, he has no weapon with any special martial arts, making the battle even more difficult. There are a few spots that you need to know and then attack.

They will affect his spirit gauge quickly. Other than that, the success in this battle depends on timely dodging his attacks. However, he also has some unblockable attacks, so be aware of them. Xiahou Dun, though, has wings and can fly around the arena; however, he can’t stay up all the time.

After he performs each attack, he stays on the ground for some time. That is the best time to hammer him with your attacks. You should not get greedy here and move away after landing a few blows because if he gets up while you are attacking, you won’t be able to dodge his whipping smash. This time is also best for healing yourself.

During the fight with Xiahou Dun, you should keep looking at the ground too, and make sure not to step up on the fire. Xiahou Dun will keep throwing fire around his arena, which is a trap for you, so don’t fall into the trap.

Apart from these fires, he will slash that you can dodge. There will be some unblockable dashes, too; evade them as much as you can. On defeating Xiahou Dun, you will receive random pieces from Staunchness Set, including Helmet, Armor, Greaves, Gloves, etc. You will also get Vermilion Bird Greataxe.