Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Vengeance Flags Explained

Unlike other games, you can avenge the death of your fellow warriors in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty even when you are not playing co-op with them. To do so, all you have to do is get to the purple flags. These Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Vengeance flags are scattered all over the map, so you will likely see a flag nearby if you play the game online. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Vengeance Flags and how to complete them.

What do vengeance flags do in Wo Long?

Vengeance flags will not be visible until you are connected to the internet. As you are playing the game online, purple flags will be visible. These flags show where your fellow warriors die in the game.

When you see multiple markers/flags in one area, many players have lost their lives, and the enemy killing them is pretty strong. Don’t go to these multiple purple flags if you are a newbie. Start to a single flag area to experience fighting these enemies in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to complete Vengeance flags in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The first way to complete vengeance flags in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is to travel to the purple flag location marked on your map. As you get to the flag, simply interact with it, and you will get the objective to find the enemy who killed your fellow warrior.

The enemy will be nearby, and a purple glow will be visible above its head. The second way is to find the enemy before going to the flag and interacting with it. The enemy will be near the flag, and as we mentioned above, a purple glow surrounding its morale number will be evident.

Once you have detected the enemy, use every bit of your strength to defeat him and avenge the death of your fallen brother in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.



Now that you have learned about completing vengeance flags let’s see the rewards. Don’t worry; you will not get any low-level rewards or high-level gifts. One of the rare and best rewards of all is the Tiger seals. This item will help you a lot because, with the help of this, you can summon an AI Ally to assist you in battles.

You can also go to the purple flag and trade one of the Dragon Cure Pots. This will get you +2 Morale for 30 seconds in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. But if you are short of these pots, don’t trade them; you will need them for healing.

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