Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taotie Boss Guide

Taotie is one of these bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, who might appear intimidating due to his size, but the beast is a dumb...

You will encounter Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Taotie boss late in your journey during the Centuries of Glory Burned Away mission. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s bosses are memorable for their difficulty, but this doesn’t mean you will not find a few bosses who are memorable for their stupidity and how easy it is to cheese them.

Taotie is one of these bosses, who might appear intimidating due to his size, but the beast is as dumb as possible. This guide will help you learn about Taotie’s moves and how to defeat the boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Like Taotie, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty also have some other tough bosses like Leishi. We have tips on how to defeat them as well so you can check out those guides as well.

Taotie’s attacks

Taotie boss fight in Wo Long has two phases, and both of them have different attacks.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Taotie is on its legs, and you can only practically attack the boss’s feet. All of Taotie’s attacks in the first phase involve jumping and stomping.

Taotie can stomp from its foot. The charge has no noticeable AoE if it is uncharged and only hits you if you stand next to the stop. The attack can also be charged, increasing the AoE range. The range of the charged stomp AoE generally is until Taotie’s other leg.

Besides a single-leg stomp, Taotie can also jump into the air and try to crush you in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. The attack is much stronger than a single attack and has a substantial range. Be quick to avoid it.

After you have stunned Taotie once in this phase, Taotie will also start using his hands to attack you. Only a single punch and a sweep are done. The punch is straight down and knocks you down. The sweep is always one at a time but has an extensive range making it difficult to dodge. It’s still better to keep attacking Taotie’s legs here to stay safe from the hand attacks.

Phase 2

You have stabbed Taotie twice in its eyes, and now it seems dead. The fallen Taotie again moves, and this time, it walks on the hands protruding from the monster’s back. It uses its hand as its face and the back end as the tail.

If you are standing in front of Taotie, it will mainly use its arm-face to attack you with sweeps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. There are always two sweeps, one after another.

Next, Taotie now also uses a dash attack. It will charge ahead and crush s under its giant body. This attack can only be blocked, don’t try going for the deflect.

If you are standing behind Taotie, it has only two attacks. First, even though Taotie is on its backhands, the legs from the previous phase are still there. Taotie will stomp these legs to hit you. Second, Taotie will turn out quickly, which counts as an attack and can hit you if you don’t get out of the way fast.

How to defeat Taotie in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Taotie is the most straightforward boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Attack the boss and stay safe from the stomps in the first phase. If Taotie jumps away from you, get under the monster and start attacking its feet again. 

You deal almost no damage hitting Taotie, but don’t be discouraged. Your focus is to stun the monster, not kill through attacks. Once stunned, you land a critical hit where you stab one of the monster’s three eyes.

For the second eye, when Taotie falls, it will create a crystal to support itself, and you need to climb this to get to the second eye. Stabbing two eyes will deplete Taotie’s first health bar.

In the second phase, you only have to stab one eye of Taotie. Once Taotie is stunned again, you get a crystal to climb, which grants you access to the gaping hole on Taotie’s back where its eye is located.

Taotie seems menacing, but bringing a single ally will help distract the boss as both of you chip away at its health and try to stun the giant. There is no cheesy strategy to kill Taotie in Wo Long. The boss is as simple as they can get. Just hit, don’t get hit, and you killed the boss.

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