Where To Find Taoist’s Keys In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

As you start part 3 you will come across a locked house in the Hidden Village that you can unlock using Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist Keys...

As you start part 3 in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you will come across the “Hidden Village.” In this village, you will find yourself at the doorsteps of an inaccessible house that prevents you from entering. You will need Wo Long fallen Dynasty Taoist Keys to unlock this house.

Unlocking this house is an important task as the area ahead is filled with numerous types of loot. We have prepared this guide to help you find the Taoist Keys in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty so you can enter the locked area.

If you are struggling with Shitieshou Locations in Wo Long Fallen Daynasty, we have a separate guide for that as well so you check that too.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s Keys location

You will need two keys to access the hidden area in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Below we have covered the locations of both keys.

Taoist House key

Firstly, you must progress to part 3 of the story to find the Taoist House key. Secondly, ensure you have started the In Search of the Immortal Wizard quest.

At the very end of this quest, you will face Zhupolong, and once you have defeated him, set the battle flag and leave the cave. You will find the key on the left side of the cave entrance right after exiting.

Once you have the key, things get easier for you. Just get back to the village and talk with the Taoist, and she will ask you to find the backdoor key.

Finding the House key will not benefit you immediately, but it will tend to force you to find the backdoor key, an important aspect of this activity as the backyard contains valuable treasure and can only be unlocked using the backdoor key.

Taoist Backdoor key

Regarding the backdoor key, you must progress to part 5 of the main story. In this, while completing the “War’s Flame Blaze Fiercely” quest, you will enter a Dragon’s Head in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

The room in which you’ll find the Dragon’s head is filled with water, and you must empty it to acquire the backdoor key from the left alcove at the entrance.

However, the continuous patrolling of shuigui, the mermaid demons, makes this task so difficult. After defeating the enemies, collect the key and return to the Taoist.

How to use the Taoist’s Keys in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Once you have both the keys, you will get access to the house and the backdoor. Upon entering the backdoor, you’ll witness three chests that can’t be opened until you fulfill Taoist requirements.

The requirements can be completed by giving her a few items that might already be in your inventory. To unlock the chests, continue interacting with the Taoist as she asks to bring a few items to her in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

You must provide her with the following:

  • 1x Mystic Crane
  • 1x Fire Pot
  • 1x Anti-Freeze Soil

Once she has received her required items, you will gain access to the chests, which have different rewards for you.

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