Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Suanyu Boss Fight

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Suanyu is the mini-boss in the mission Shadow of the Secret Mountain. The boss is a bird-like demon...

Wo Long’s Suanyu is the mini-boss in the mission Shadow of the Sacred Mountain. The boss is a bird-like demon. The mission itself is a side mission, so naturally, the mission and its boss can fall into the category of easy bosses like Taotie. In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Suanyu is not a difficult boss to tackle if you know its attacks and how to tackle them. This guide will give you details about all of its attacks and how you can deal with them in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Suanyu’s attacks

Suanyu, being a flying demon, uses a lot of flying attacks and lightning elemental attacks. For basic melee attacks, Suanyu uses its beak to attack you. Suanyu will swipe the beak twice in either direction. The attacks both have a limited range, and the attack targets only a single character. It’s better to dodge this instead of trying to deflect the attack.

Suanyu also uses a swipe attack from its wings in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Suanyu will attack with both its wings. The attack has a hitbox of almost 270° and can hit you even if you are behind or on the boss’s side. The attack is perfect for deflecting and retaliating.

Suanyu also has an AoE attack where the bird spins around, and the feathers from Suanyu’s body launch from its body in all directions. The attack deals damage in mid-range around Suanyu.

Suanyu has two main elemental attacks. The first elemental attack sees Suanyu fly up and summon three lightning bolts which strike all around Suanyu. This attack has no range, and it is only triggered when you are close to Suanyu.

Suanyu also flies up and uses its wings to unleash a gust of wind. The gust travels along the ground and spreads out as it moves away from Suanyu. For Suanyu’s critical attack, the demonic bird shoots a bolt of lightning directly at you, followed by two slower lightning orbs that come in on you.


The tracking for the orbs is not that great, so you can just run around if you are far enough to get away from the orbs. On the other hand, the bolt is very fast, and you need to either block or deflect it.

How to defeat Suanyu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Suanyu in Wo Long is not a complicated boss, and you can very easily cheese the boss into a corner and force it to use a single move that you can just keep countering and attacking Suanyu.

Whenever you are close to Suanyu, standing right next to it, Suanyu will use one of two moves. Either it does a wing swipe or flies to summon lightning. The lightning attack can be easily blocked, and you can simply and reliably deflect the wing swipe.

All you need to do is stand close to Suanyu, and the stupid bird boss will continuously use the two moves only. After every lightning strike, Suanyu tries to fly away, but you need to close this gap immediately, so you force Suanyu to again use the swipe followed by a lightning strike.

You can deflect the wing attack, which builds up your spirit gauge, and use your weapon’s martial arts attack multiple times to easily defeat Suanyu.

This is the best strategy to defeat Suanyu in Wo Long, and you don’t need to worry about anything else.

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