Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Liu Bei Boss Fight

In Wo Long fallen Dynasty Liu Bei is a demon-looking giant boss you will encounter during a mission called "Caliber of a Hero."

Liu Bei in Wo Long is a demon-looking giant boss you will encounter during a mission called Caliber of a Hero. Players first need to complete The Way of the warrior mission to unlock this side mission. The Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Liu Bei fight is one of the toughest battles in the game, and players should at least reach level 69 before getting into the fight.

In this side mission, there are no flags, and the success is based on defeating Liu Bei. This is a long battle; therefore, let’s dive into the details of the fight with Liu Bei without further delay.

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Liu Bei’s attacks

As mentioned before, the battle with Liu Bei is among the toughest ones, but why is it so? Liu Bei is an extremely fast boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. With his high mobility, he can attack quickly. Liu Bei can fly and thus attack you by descending anywhere near you.

This flying ability of Liu Bei’s will make it difficult for you to manage the parry timings; therefore, players must be very cautious during this battle.

Liu Bei can perform various attacks; therefore, it will require more time to understand the chronology of his attacks. As he flies, Liu Bei, in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, can throw two orbs anywhere in his area. These orbs release electricity rings which then spread throughout his arena. After this, he will attack the players and give four consecutive hits with his sword.

One of the most dangerous sword actions he performs is the uppercut combo. In this combo, he holds both swords on his right side and then performs an uppercut and a side slash, which can cause your spirit gauge to fall significantly if hit.

Another thing that Liu Bei will do during this battle is shot red beams toward you. To do this, he will fly around and then swing his sword. A red beam will be shot with each swing.

Now that you have understood the attacks on Liu Bei let’s discuss how to defeat this mighty boss in detail.

How to defeat Liu Bei in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Liu Bei’s attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty are extremely fast and can overwhelm you. However, the good thing is that you can dodge all the attacks. Though it’s hard to manage the timings as he flies fast and then descends over you.

But with proper concentration, you can do it. You can also block all the red beams and electricity he emits during the battle and parry his critical blows.

Apart from all the blockings and using parry, during this battle, you shouldd call Zhang Fei and Guan Yu with you, who are going to be your most significant support. With their support, you can defeat Liu Bei easily in Wo long Fallen Dynasty.

As the battle starts, Liu Bei will fly and shoot orbs, releasing the electricity rings. When hit, these rings can cause severe damage and reduce your spirit gauge; therefore, you’ll need to avoid them by jumping over them. After this, you’ll need to dodge the boss to avoid his sword combo, where he will hit four blows back to back.

Then there’s the uppercut combo to deal with. You need to deflect the first part. As you do it, this will cause massive damage to the boss’s Spirit Guage. Liu Bei also shoots dreadful beams toward you that you must dodge or deflect.

It’s better to dodge as they can be used to counterattack Liu Bei and causes massive damage to his Spirit Gauge. Players should also remember that though they can parry any attack no matter how strong it is, parrying heavy attacks affects their spirit gauge.

Players, as they defeat Liu Bei, can receive various items as a reward in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. These items include random pieces from the Man of Benevolence Set, like the Crown, Armor, Footwear, and Gauntlets. You will also get a Pair of swords of aspiration.