Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Leveling Up Explained

When playing a challenging game like Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you want an advantage over your enemies. One such advantage is leveling up your character abilities by spending Genuine Qi. By leveling up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you can become invincible and defeat any enemy who challenges you. This guide will give you all details about how Wo long Fallen Dynasty Level Up works.

How to level up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

When playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will come across battle flags, and you might wonder what the purpose of these flags is. These represent rest areas and an opportunity to level your five virtues/stats. Bear in mind resting at these flags will respawn the nearby enemies.

Keep in mind that player level is separate from Morale and Fortitude ranks. The player level will determine the overall base stats of your character like health, spirit and attack while Morale determines your performance in the current mission.

Once you have interacted and raised a Battle flag, a level-up option will be visible in the menu. Click on this option to level up your stat by spending Genuine Qi. Keep in mind the amount of Genuine Qi required will increase as your level increases.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the five virtues or stats you can invest points in to level up in Wo Long. Each gives you an edge in a different area, so think about your build before leveling up.

How to get Genuine Qi

Unlike other games, where you will get points after defeating enemies, you will get Qi. If you happen to lose to a foe, you will lose 50% of your present Qi and your morale points. The only way you get your lost things back is to defeat the same enemy that slayed you in the first place.

There is no other way to spend the Qi than to level up your character in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You can only lose your Qi by getting slayed by enemies, not bosses, although you will lose morale points in both cases.

These battle flags also act as checkpoints, which means if you get killed, you will respawn here.

You can also pick up Qi as loot from enemies and chests in the form of Qi flakes. These are stored as items in inventory and be used to gain a small amount of Qi if you are struggling to level up.

Best virtues to level up in Wo Long

Once you have raised the battle flag, you will see an option to level up. As you click on it, five virtues will be shown to you. Starting with wood, then fire, then earth, then metal, and lastly, water. You will have to choose one to level up your stat.

To help you choose the virtue, we have listed all the virtues with their stats and spells. Go through each of them and invest your virtue points to make your perfect Wo Long Fallen Dynasty build.


If you want to increase your HP significantly, you should opt for wood. It also lowers your spirit loss when attacked, which is essential when fighting bosses. It also gives you access to spells like lightning, vines, and status buffs. It also increases your earth resistance but lowers your metal resistance.


Fire is the best choice when you want to gain spirit after you have dealt damage to your opponent. As martial arts consume a lot of spirits, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty leveling up in this virtue will lower this consumption.

It also gives access to fire-related spells like a Flame weapon. However, you will need 12 virtue points to unlock this spell. Increasing your HP quite a bit also increases your metal resistance but lowers your water resistance.


Earth is best for lowering your equipment weight because the weight of your armor and weapons lowers your spirit loss. It also unlocks your spells related to the ground and affects your spirit when an attack is deflected. Increasing your HP increases your water resistance but decreases your wood resistance.


It does not affect your spirit, but the main advantage of leveling up in this virtue is to reduce the cost of spells. It is essential when you mostly rely on spells. It also unlocks some poison and curse-related spells. Increasing your HP quite a bit increases your wood resistance but decreases your fire resistance.


Water is perfect for players who prefer stealth attacks to aggressive ones. With this, you can efficiently perform a fatal attack on an enemy in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Once you have invested most of your virtue points in this virtue, you can unlock an ability that enables you to become invisible. Increasing your HP increases your fire resistance but decreases earth resistance.

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