Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fengxi Boss Guide

Fengxi is a wild and humongous boar in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty that can inflict heavy attacks on you if you get lazy defending yourself...

Fengxi is a wild and humongous boar that can inflict heavy attacks on you if you get lazy defending yourself. In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fengxi is the final boss that players will encounter in the Two Chivalrous Heroes mission and charges toward you with his large tusks and can seriously diminish your HP. It’s quite a hassle to defeat him and he can be as annoying as Lu Bu in the game. But there’s no need to worry; follow this guide to know how to beat Fengxi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

Fengxi attacks

  • Charging Attacks: Fengxi follows the mannerism of a bull as it stomps its feet and runs toward your attack at its full potential. 
  • Tail Swing: The tail attack can be very lethal because of the spikes on Fengxi’s tail. 
  • Aggressive Turn: Fengxi spins around you and attacks you with its sharp tusks and spiky tail.
  • The Boar’s Tusks: Fengxi utilizes its tusks and runs towards you with its head 4 times. 
  • Dance of the Boar: Charges like a horse towards you and attempts to hit you in a very hard way. 
  • Demon’s Rage: The boss will only use this attack after the Fatal Strike. 

How to defeat Fengxi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Compared to Zhuyan, Fengxi in Wo Long is quite slow so if you had no issue against Zhuyan, you should be fine with Fengxi as long as you avoid his attacks. Because if those attacks hit, they do quite a lot of damage so dodging or deflecting is key here.

The most common attack in Fengxi’s attack set is the Charging attack. You can avoid this by blocking, or you can simply dodge it in Wo Long fallen Dynasty. One unique thing about Fengxi is that it’s the slowest of the three bosses you’ll face in Chapter 2. Try to settle yourself with the Fengxi, as you’ll be previously accustomed to deflecting swift attacks.

When Fengxi charges towards you with its mouth open and flexing its sharp tusks, you must keep the lock-on pointed at it. So that you can either decide to dodge or deflect the attack when he comes close.

Avoid Fengxi body slam attacks, as they can take away a lot of health. You can easily predict when Fengxi is about to use this attack. Fengxi will behave like a bull while doing this attack and take a few steps back. Avoid this attack by simply waiting till the Fengxi is close to you and then deflecting the attack to flip the Fengxi over. Then you can charge at it with a Fatal Strike of your own.

Most of the attacks from Fengxi can simply be dodged or blocked because Fengxi attacks you from the opposite end of the arena. You can avoid the Tail Swing by dodging when he strikes the Tail toward you, or you can simply block it.

To avoid the Boar’s Tusks, you can simply block it. You can dodge backward or wait for the exact moment to dodge out of his way. When Fengxi is about to recover from your Fatal Strike, a red-colored AOE field will surround it.

To avoid this attack move out of the AoE field radius. You can simply move away when you inflict a Fatal Strike on Fengxi. This will protect you from its Demon’s Rage attack in Wo Long fallen Dynasty.

You can inflict Fatal strikes repeatedly because it’s quite easy to lower the Spirit Gauge of Fengxi. When you see that its Spirit is low, you can summon the special attack of Qinlin Divine Beast; this will finish its Spirit Gauge.

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