How To Easily Defeat Tigers In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Tigers, or Changgui in Wo Long, is a powerful and deadly enemy that can quickly end your journey if you don’t know how to defeat it. Players will encounter Wo Long Fallen Dynasty tiger as soon as the first mission and will continue to encounter this enemy type throughout the game. So learning how to defeat the highly aggressive tigers in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty becomes key to progress.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tiger/Changgui’s attacks

As you fight with Tiger, you will face his various attacks. One of the most prominent attacks the Tiger will use is the fast Claw attack, in which he tries to hit you with his claws multiple times.

Here you can use the deflect mechanic to avoid getting hit. Perfect your timing and use the Circle or B button to defect the attack. However, this may take time because there is a slight difference between dodge and deflect attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, which is when you press the button.

To deflect, you must wait for the Changgui to get close to use while you can perform dodge when he is a little away. If you successfully dodge or deflect the attacks, you will have a chance to counterattack, but be careful not to overdo it, as the Tiger’s attacks come quickly and frequently.

How to defeat Tiger in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The Tiger has a huge health bar, but luckily there is a way to reduce its health bar by 1/3 without taking any damage. For this, you need to move silently, as Tiger will not be aware of your presence as soon as you enter its area.

However, if you make sudden movements, it will attack you. Once nearby, initiate a heavy stealth attack by pressing the Triangle/Y button on your controller. Follow this by quickly attacking the Tiger a few times before it recovers. However, it is advisable to retreat at this point to avoid any counterattacks.

Use AI companions as bait

When facing the Tiger in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, dodging can divert its attention toward your teammates. This gives you a chance to either heal or attack. Using strong attacks like heavy Spirit is advisable to deal maximum damage.

Wait for the spirit bar to go low

In the game, defeating Changgui can be challenging because of its massive health bar. But, there’s a trick to take it down quickly. You can finish it quickly if you manage to deplete its spirit bar. Just wait for the Changgui to get stunned from the spirit loss and hit the Y/Triangle button to perform a fatal strike. If the tiger is low enough it might die instantly otherwise it will still deal massive damage.

Keep trying

Changgui’s morale level is ridiculously higher in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty than that of the player; for his reason, it may seem like this challenge is only meant for hardcore gamers who spend their whole day grinding these types of games, but that’s not the case.

With some practice and commitment, anyone can overcome this boss. Moreover, defeating it will enhance your skills to a greater degree, which will be useful later in the game. As a true gamer, it’s worth giving a shot!

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