How To Change Appearance In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, whether you want to change your character’s hairstyle, eye color, or even body type, several options are available to make your character truly unique. But what if you’re not satisfied by your Wo Long Fallen Dynasty character appearance once you save it? What if you change your mind as the game progresses?

Wo Long offers you the option to change your character appearance later in the game, but you will have to find your way through the game to do it. This guide will help you to avail this option easily!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty character customization

If you want to change your character’s appearance in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty after starting the game, you must interact with Zuo Ci, a powerful immortal wizard. This character can be located in the hidden village, but you’ll first have to complete Part Two of the story chapter, The Demon Fort of The Yellow Heaven, to access the village.

Once you arrive at the village, Zuo Ci won’t be immediately available. You’ll have to venture a bit further for Zuo Ci, a sorcerer who can help you change your avatar’s look In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You must complete Part Three, In Search of the Immortal Wizard, to reach this next game step.

Complete In Search of the Immortal Wizard

To complete the mission, you must be at level 25 and fight through Mt. Tianzhushan to find Zuo Ci. You’ll encounter dangerous enemies along the way and need to place Battle Flags throughout the area. Zuo Ci will appear after your encounter with Aoye, the final boss of the mission.

Once you have dealt with the Aoye, you can move ahead with the character customization in Wo long Fallen Dynasty. Ending the mission will take you back to the hidden village and a message will pop up highlighting the facilities Zuo Ci offers. Just return to the Zuo Ci and have a conversation with him to bring up the character creation option.

Along with Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Character appearance option, you will get other options like respec character. For that, you can enter the Reset Parameters option.

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