Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Cao Cao Boss Guide

Cao Cao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a reinforcement, and you can summon him at any flag during the game to assist you with enemies...

Cao Cao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a reinforcement, and you can summon him at any flag during the game to assist you with enemies in different missions. You will first encounter Cao Cao during the mission Fall of the Corrupt Eunuch. However, the boss fight against Wo Long’s Cao Cao takes place in a side mission called Green Plum, Warm Liquor.

Cao Cao is a human boss, so fighting against him is much easier, and players can understand his attacking pattern easily.

This guide will discuss Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Cao Cao boss in detail. This will include his attacking pattern, how to defeat him, and the rewards for taking this relatively simple boss down. While this boss might be simpler, other bosses like Zhang Jiao in Wo Long might not be as forgiving so check out our tips for that as well.

Cao Cao’s attacks

Cao Cao is a simple human boss, unlike a weird creature with fire wings and weapons knowing strange martial arts. All his attacks are simple, and you can easily dodge and parry them.

Cao Cao’s only weapon is a sword, which you will find him using in different ways. He can perform two critical attacks, which makes this fight a fight. Both these critical attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty involve using his sword.

In the first attack, he spins his sword 360 degrees and can strike damage to you twice. The second critical attack is his most powerful attack, in which he will spawn a Divine Beast to flame up his sword. During all this, he will also give you shockwave damage.


Other than these critical attacks, he will perform some other attacks, which include sword combos and other regular attacks. The sword combos are simple; they involve a forward hit, sometimes combined with a spinning hit.

How to defeat Cao Cao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Considering Cao Cao’s simple attacks, the strategy to take him down is also comparatively simpler than those required to defeat other difficult bosses in Wo Long. As Cao Cao performs his critical attacks at the beginning of this battle, you will need to dodge these attacks.

Once dodged, you can perform a counterattack and land a few hits, as he won’t be able to make any other attack immediately after the critical attacks.

Players must also dodge the spin attacks and shockwave damage in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. After this, it’s time to deflect the sword combos, and this is when you can perform the major attack and perform multiple hits, which will bring his health down.

Another thing that you can do during the fight with Cao Cao is to summon Qilin, which creates five pillars, and Cao Cao’s health will reduce each time he hits these pillars.

Once they have developed a good bond with Cao Cao, players can summon him during the different missions in Wo Long. Missions in which he can be summoned for free include the “Escape from the Capital,” “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch,” and “The Assault on Wuchao.” Other missions require the use of Tiger Seals.