Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Baishe Boss Guide

Baishe is a hybrid boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and you will fight her in The Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch Level...

Baishe in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a hybrid boss, a snake lady that might give you Medusa vibes, and you will fight her in The Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch Level. Most attacks of Baishe consist of poison, so you must be careful. However, she is still a pretty easy boss to defeat just like Taotie Fight. Before we move toward how to defeat her, let’s first talk about Baishe’s attacks in Wo Long.

Baishe’s attacks

Baishe mostly depends on her melee attacks during the fight, but all of these attacks inflict poison damage on the player if hit, so you must be extra careful to avoid her attacks.

The most common melee attack you will see is Baishe’s snake strike. Baishe swings her arm, followed by one of the snakes on her back, which covers a more extensive range. She usually does two of these strikes, and sometimes, the attack is followed by a slam from her body and both the snakes.

Baishe can also do an all-out slam. She will jump into the air and slam on the ground, which also has AoE damage. Baishe uses her tail as a viable weapon and can do tail sweeps. Baishe’s tail attack has two variations in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

The first has her only use her tail. This sweep has a higher range and is faster. Baishe wrapped her tail close to her for the second sweep and adjusted her back snakes before sweeping. This sweep is much slower and primarily meant for close-range attacking. Either way, you can dodge and block both of these pretty easily.

Baishe can also use a ranged dash. She will hold her hands and dash towards you, knocking you down and poisoning you if you get in her path. The attack is only triggered if you are far away from Baishe but it is better to dodge it rather than deflect.

The last basic attack you need to know of is poison elemental. Baishe will spawn and throw off poison orbs, creating small poison pools wherever they land. Of course, you need to avoid them because they deal damage. Baishe always throws these orbs in a circle around her, so you don’t have to anticipate their trajectory. Just walk away to avoid them.

Now, Baishe has two critical attacks. Baishe uses the first attack throughout the fight in Wo long fallen Dynasty. This one sees Baishe’s face light up red, and she extends her back snakes to grab you. If the attack lands, she pulls you and bites you. She always jumps back before this critical attack, making it easier to spot and deflect the attack.

Baishe uses the second critical attack after losing 70% of her health. Baishe runs on the arena’s walls for this critical attack before jumping onto you. Baishe’s face glows red just before jumping, indicating when to deflect. Dodging this attack is difficult, so your best bet is to deflect it.

How to defeat Baishe in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Baishe is not the strongest boss, but you should not take her lightly. First, you must bring supplies to protect yourself from the poison attacks of Baishe. Her melee attacks can poison you, so you must stay cautious.

Baishe is extremely weak to earth-based elemental attacks and spells, so equipping these spells before you come to face the boss is a good idea. Using the earthquake spell will regularly and reliably stun Baishe in Wo Longy, leaving her open to attacks, and even interrupting several attacks.

This will distract Baishe quite easily. This makes bringing an NPC ally very useful. These NPC will quickly get Baishe’s attention, and you can either heal or spam the earthquake spell to keep Baishe stunned. Furthermore, you can move down Baishe while she is distracted and focusing on your ally rather than you.

In general, deflect her attacks, and Baishe will fall very quickly. She is not one of the stronger bosses and you can defeat her easily in a single try.

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