Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Aoye Boss Guide

Aoye is a large hairball with a demonic face and horns. You will encounter Aoye as the 6th major boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, at the end of In Search of the Immortal Wizard mission. The boss has a diverse move set, and Aoye mixes all these with elegance, making the monster harder to read and counter properly. You must be on your best game if you hope to defeat Aoye in Wo Long.

This Wo Long Aoye guide will help break down Aoye’s attacks and provide tips on how to defeat the boss.

Aoye’s attacks

Aoye is huge, and even though it has only two ranged attacks, all of its attacks have such wide and large hitboxes that we felt compelled to warn you all in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

The primary melee attacks Aoye has are the swipes and slams from its tentacles. The monster will slam its tentacles at you. These tentacle slams appear like they are about to impale you, but these push you back and then slam on the ground. The swipes have a somewhat lesser range but follow the same rules. You can easily deflect both of these attacks.

The second main attack Aoye has in Wo Long at the start of the fight is the jump attack. Aoye jumps in the air and slams his head into you. The attack leaves Aoye defenseless for a short while. This window of opportunity can be better used if you deflect this attack as you will be directly in front of Aoye’s face and land in some powerful hits.

These might even be enough to stun the boss allowing for a critical hit. After you deplete 30% of Aoye’s health, he gains some additional attacks. First, Aoye starts using its critical attacks in Wo Long fallen Dynasty.

The attack used here is where Aoye slams its tentacles on the ground and then charges at you. This attack is well-telegraphed, and it is further given away by the red glow that appears on the boss’s face.

Next, Aoye starts mixing its slams and swipes. Both of them are alternatively used in a single chain. This doesn’t pose any additional danger, but this new chain is significantly harder to deflect consistently. Aoye can also start moving forward as it attacks you with its tentacles. This forces you to move around instead of just moving away.

Another move that Aoye gets is moving directly to the left or right side. The move is for relocating, but if it hits you, it does deal damage. An immediate slam often follows the movement.

Aoye also gets its first elemental attacks here, which are pretty simple. Aoye shot ice balls that flew randomly and created ice crystals when they fell on the ground. These move slowly, but the crystals that form after these orbs fall do deal damage, so best you avoid them until they collapse.

After you have depleted over 70% of the boss’s health, Aoye again gets new attacks that it uses. The main difference in the fight is that Aoye becomes much more aggressive, attacks much faster, and gets a few more close-range attacks, a new elemental attack, and another critical attack.

First, for the close-range attacks, Aoye starts using the tentacles near its mouth and horns to attack you. The horns are used to slam while the tentacles swipe at you. These attacks never start independently but are often follow-ups to other attacks that bring Aoye close to you.

For the new critical attack, Aoye extends both its tentacles at you. There is no slam afterward, and both the tentacles attack you one after another. You can deflect this attack by not leaving Aoye open for a counterattack. This attack is also well-telegraphed and further given away by the red glow on the boss’s face.

Lastly, Aoye gets the last elemental attack. Aoye unleashes an ice attack that extends from Aoye to you. The attack has somewhat tracking, and you can dodge it with perfect timing. This attack also leaves ice crystals along the path it travels, which follow the same rules as the ice orb crystals.

How to defeat Aoye in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Aoye is a giant boss and an absolute tank. A true damage sponge, your fight against Aoye is a long battle, and you should prepare for it. The weakest point on Aoye’s body is the face, and you should try to focus on attacking it. The opportunity will present itself quite often, as most of Aoye’s attacks will get it to lower its face down to the ground.

Try to fight Aoye on long-range. We don’t recommend using long-range weapons, but Aoye’s attacks are so large that you should always keep some space between yourself and Aoye. This way, you can clearly understand all the attacks Aoye is about to use and how to counter them effectively. You can also mind your positioning in the arena.

We don’t recommend bringing an AI companion with you. We advise against it. Defeating Aoye revolves around countering the monster’s attacks, and if you have an NPC ally will divert Aoye’s attention from you. You won’t be able to attack the beast in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty effectively. 

You can deflect all of Aoye’s attacks, making it very easy to defeat the boss if you are good at deflecting. Of course, you’d need to deflect a lot if you are to follow this, but getting close to Aoye is much too dangerous. Be patient throughout the fight, and focus on finding an opening rather than trying to create one through force.

Lastly, Aoye is extremely weak to fire, so it should be your go-to elemental spell if you have decided to use one.

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