The Witness Gameplay Reveals Not So Easy Puzzles

Sony’s PlayStation Experience came with a ton of news on a plethora of games. We saw some awesome Uncharted gameplay, new announcements and reveals.

Among those big names, was a new indie game looking to make its mark and has managed to grab the attention of many.

The Witness is an upcoming 3D puzzle solver developed by Jonathan Blow. The game was originally announced for PC and iOS but Blow later revealed a PS4 version of the game. Fans on other platforms shouldn’t worry at all, as the game is only a time-exclusive for Playstation 4.

At the PlayStation Experience Event, Blow showed a demo of the game. Although the demo wasn’t played by himself but he commented on it quite patiently as the player/interviewer struggled to solve some of the puzzles of The Witness.

According to Blow, this is no ordinary puzzle solving game. Players who are used to just avoid tough games or ignore tough portions of a game, will really be tested with this one.

The tutorial puzzles are child’s play but as soon as you get into the main game, it gets a hell of a lot serious.


The game has no instructions and it makes you understand without prompting a word, just pay attention to your environment and you’ll figure things out (that’s old school right?). Quite different from modern games don’t you think?

According to the developer, the game has been in playable form since 2011 but “it just looked really terrible.” Since then they have been making improvements, which you can see in the footage above. The game does look pretty good, in terms of visuals as well.

The Witness is planned for a 2015 release on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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