The Witcher 3 Will Have Mod Support, CD Projekt Red Confirms

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 6
Ever since The Witcher 3 was announced, the modding community wanted to know if it will support mods, similar to the way its predecessor did.

The community will be happy to know that the game will have mod supports, as confirmed by CD Projekt Red.

During a demo event this Thursday, CD Projekt RED CEO Marcin Iwinski revealed by saying: “Yes, yes, yes we will. There will be an editor. For Witcher 2 we released it quite late. For Witcher 3 it will be faster.”

The Witcher 2 got an official modding kit called REDkit, almost two years after it came out. Iwinski didn’t say when the kit will be released for Witcher 3, as they have other areas of the game to worry about for the time being. Specifically, the want to make sure the game is finished and there are no more delays.

They want Witcher 3 to be perfect out of the box and he mentioned Skyrim as an example:

Look at Skyrim, the last patch was like two years after the release. We want to make sure people have a great experience out of the box and I’m sure we’re going to deliver that. People are working around the clock to make sure everything works great.

He further spoke about why they don’t enforce DRM and want to become a company which gamers support:


The DRMs don’t work because they don’t protect anything. In such cases pirates usually have a better experience, and we don’t want to treat our audience that way. If they like us and they like what we’re doing then hopefully they support us. Some companies try the stick but we prefer the carrot approach.

That’s a really interesting approach and it works for them, but I doubt most companies will ever vote against DRM. I don’t think DRM is useless, and I don’t have any issues with it as long as it keeps the pirates away and doesn’t create unnecessary hurdles for legitimate users.

Do you agree?

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