Windows 11 AMD Gamers Are Suffering 10-15 Percent Performance Drops

The new and upcoming Windows 11 operating system is apparently not as nice to gamers as Microsoft originally stated it would be.

According to an update by AMD (via RockPaperShotgun) earlier today, Windows 11 is causing serious performance drops for AMD processors. That reportedly comes to about a 10-15 percent performance drop in “games commonly used for esports” and about a 3-5 percent drop in “some” applications.

AMD has hence asked its user-base to think twice before updating themselves to the new Windows 11, at least until the performance issues have been resolved.

The more worrying part being that Windows 11 is impacting all AMD chips. That includes the older lineup as well as the new Ryzen 5 series, and even AMD processors Microsoft tagged as compatible with its new operating system.

The root cause is said to be one of the AMD processor memory banks which slows down on Windows 11. It hence takes longer for the system to retrieve stored data from the banks which in turn greatly impacts frame rates of processor-dependent games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

Microsoft and AMD are now “actively investigating” the “reduced performance in certain applications when running Windows 11.” Both are expected to release their own separate hardware and software updates and fixes in the coming weeks.

Previously, Windows 11 was reported to be causing crashes and launch issues in Far Cry 6 to which Ubisoft asked players to stick to Windows 10. The operating system also managed to impact cloud gaming platform Shadow with a slew of technical issues.

Windows 11 is officially out now but AMD owners should likely be patient in updating themselves from an older Windows, or at the very least, wait until the end of the month to confirm if all technical issues have been resolved.

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