You Can Now Install Windows 10 On Steam Deck

Steam Deck users can only install Windows 10 for the time being since Windows 11 requires a new BIOS which is currently in development.

Steam Deck is designed to be a portable PC in the form of a handheld console, meaning that users can install different operating systems over its default Linux-based SteamOS without any restrictions or limitations.

Those who were looking to install Windows on their newly purchased Steam Deck can now do so, courtesy of new “GPU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth” drivers which were released earlier today. An accompanying announcement confirms that users can only install Windows 10 for the time being since Windows 11 requires a new BIOS on the handheld but which is currently in development.

Furthermore, users will have to perform a clean installation on Steam Deck. There is no option to dual-boot both Windows 10 and SteamOS because a dual-boot wizard remains to be made. The good news it that developer Valve is working on the wizard. When it eventually releases, users will be able to select which operating system to boot on the handheld.

Take note that installing Windows 10 on Steam Deck will completely wipe its default SteamOS. The process however is not permanent. If users feel the need to bring SteamOS back, they can recover the operating system through a relatively simple process as noted on an official Steam support page.

As already stated, Steam Deck does not stop users from treating it has a desktop system. In addition to Windows 10, users will hence also be able to install Windows-based software and applications, including game launchers and stores such as Epic Games Store. The device can also be used to stream and can be plugged into a monitor or television set for added convenience.

Last week, a little scare concerning drifting problems was put to rest. The right analog thumbstick of Steam Deck had begun drifting just days after launch. The issue was addressed promptly with a hot-fix and hence all users are advised to keep their Steam Decks updated to the latest firmware.

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