Windows 10 Creators Update Brings The Promised Game Mode To PC

Microsoft has been making good on its promise to support the PC gaming by bringing some of the most popular Xbox exclusives to PC and with Windows 10 Creators Update Microsoft aims to deliver more.

Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update the includes game streaming through Beam and most importantly the Game Mode.

The Game Mode allows the system resources to be optimized for gaming so that players may take full advantage of their system without any additional 3rd party software. While this does increase the game performance but it also very simple to use which is compatible with old and new Windows Store games.

In related news, Microsoft has banned all game system emulators from Windows Store following the latest revision to the Windows Store policies. Microsoft has completely blocked all emulation of game systems from the Windows Store on all platforms.

Universal Emulator by NESBox has been delisted from the Store. While Microsoft has not revealed the reason behind banning all system emulators for Windows Store, however, it might be related to Xbox Live Creators Program.

Also, Microsoft has announced that cross-play functionality for the competitive matches of Gears Of war 4 will be added later this year.

We will be adding a new ‘Ranked Crossplay’ Toggle for our Xbox One players! Xbox One players will have the choice of playing with or without Windows 10 players in any Core or Competitive Playlist with this toggle – though Social, Competitive Warm Up and Special Events will always be Crossplay enabled regardless. As we want to make sure Windows 10 players can experience any Ranked Playlist, the toggle will not be available on Windows 10.

Do you think Game mode will make any significant improvements to games? Have you tried the new Game mode? Let us know in the comments.

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