Windows 10 April Update Intel And Toshiba SSD Boot Loop Issue Now Fixed

Windows 10 April Update has been out for a while not but some people have not been able to update it. Some people that had Windows 10 installed on Intel or Toshiba SSDs faced an issue where the installation process would hang or they would be stuck in a boot loop. Microsoft held off updates to such people but now there is a fix for the issue.

The Intel SSDs that were affected by the issue were the 600P and Pro 6000 series. The affected SSDs from Toshiba include series XG4, XG5 and BG3. According to Microsoft, these could affect the battery life of notebooks and users noticed that SSDs got uncomfortably hot that shows heavy loads.

A small update called KB4100403 has been released after the Windows 10 April Update, which takes care of the issue. If you had an issue downloading the update before then you can check it out again. You will be able to get it right this time. You will need to install the update manually though.

Windows 10 April Update

While we are on the topic of SSDs, the demand for SSDs has increased over the past couple of months. SSDs have become cheaper and due to the high demand, the price drops are going to decrease in the upcoming weeks. Talking about demand, the demand for SSDs is now so high that Toshiba is setting up another plant in order to keep supplying.

SSDs used to be pretty expensive but now that the prices are down we can recommend then to mainstream users. Even if you are not willing to spend too much money on higher capacities you can buy a 120 GB or 240 GB SSD and use that to boot your system faster and have a few games on it that you play regularly.

Let us know what you think about the Windows 10 April Update and whether or not you have been able to update without any issues.

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