Will You Buy Death Stranding If It’s Just a Walking Simulator?

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is branded a “walking simulator” by many who are skeptics. If you aren’t a hardcore Hideo Kojima fan it is tough to get into the hype around Death Stranding. We have seen next to nothing in terms of gameplay which is both good and bad.

Metal Gear fans trust Hideo Kojima to deliver a promising new IP but even the most brilliant minds can fall pray to their own genius sometimes. Death Stranding, as far as we know, is about walking from point A to point B; and that’s it. Along the way you will explore the storyline but is that enough? A good story is 50% of what makes a great game, the other 50% is gameplay design, how engaging is the gameplay.

GamesRader recently shared its preview of Death Stranding and while the plot sounds compelling, what do we have in terms of gameplay? Well, we walk across America, trying away and hiding from enemies. Other than walking we know little to nothing about its gameplay depth. At this point, when we are a couple of months away from release, the lack of gameplay is becoming a concern.

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms show a mixed reaction to from fans who are now getting frustrated. The good news is that Hideo Kojima plans to show more of the game at TGS 2020 but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the marketing of this game, while interesting, is now starting to somewhat hurt Death Stranding.

People who aren’t Kojima fans, people who are new to the mind games, aren’t used to such a way of presenting games and they are put off by it. In the end, if the game actually turns out to be good, it’ll be a new chapter in Kojima’s career but if it is nothing more than a glorified walking simulator, Kojima might need to rethink his future ideas.

Death Stranding is releasing on PS4 in November and hopefully, next year on PC.

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