There Will Be Two Different Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Graphics Modes On Xbox One X

When Middle-earth: Shadow of War comes out on the Xbox One X later this year, there will apparently be two different Shadow of War graphics modes when the game comes out for that console. It will most likely be two choices that go between better graephics or higher resolution.

The two different graphics options, to be more specific, are “Favor Resolution” and “Favor Quality”. The differences here are mainly in how 4K resolution is achieved and what will be used with the leftover processing power.

On the one hand, the Favor Resolution mode will display the game in native 4K whenever it can, and will otherwise use dynamic resolution scaling as little as possible. In contrast, the other option of the Shadow of War graphics modes, Favor Quality, will use more dynamic resolution scaling in exchange for graphics enhancements.

All of these graphic enhancements mean that things like lighting and shadow quality, richer and more detailed vegetation, improvements to draw distance, and better-looking textures. Each of these graphics options will allow players with different TV setups to play the game the way that would best fit their TV level, such as playing on Favor Quality if you don’t have a 4K TV, or Favor Resolution if you do.

It also allows you to be able to get the game to concentrate on what sort of preferences you want, for instance if you don’t think 4K resolution is all that important but still want the game to look good. Either way, each of the Shadow of War graphics modes will allow you to play the game however you want, though you’ll have to adjust your preferences.

You can now play Middle-earth: Shadow of War on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and the Xbox One X will be coming out sometime in November.

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