Stalker 2 to Be Online Only, Rumors Spread

Just yesterday, it was announced that STALKER 2, a sequel to the famous STALKER games that took place in the area of Pripyat, would finally be getting developed. But now a rumor has apparently popped up saying that the game will instead be an online game, similar to Destiny and The Division.

The rumor comes from a picture of a Discord conversation that was apparently by Sergey Grigorovich, the CEO of GSC Game World, the studio responsible for developing the STALKER games. While there hasn’t been anything confirming that that’s true, it would be a definite departure from the original STALKER games.

STALKER is a game that takes place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a quarantined area around the Ukrainian city of Pripyat, where the Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place. Inside the Zone, mutants, monsters, and more all make the place extremely hazardous, but there are various factions that explore the zone, looking for lost technology, lore, and treasure.

While the sense of crushing loneliness and sheer creep factor gave the STALKER games (and hopefully STALKER 2) their own unique atmosphere, there’s no telling what the games becoming an online thing could do. With the games having punishing difficulties and the only threats being bandits and the monsters in the Zone, there’s no telling what allowing other players into a shared world might do.

While it could give players the ability to form into groups to explore ruins and particularly dangerous locations, there’s also the griefing potential and the possibility of a loss of atmosphere as STALKER 2 players can see crowds of other players everywhere in place of the NPCs that normally inhabited camps.

Hopefully STALKER 2 won’t be online-only, but there’s no telling of what we’ll actually be getting out of the game until we actually get more details about the game before it comes out in 2021.