Will Sony Bend’s Unannounced PlayStation 4 Game be Revealed at the PlayStation Experience?

The PlayStation Experience takes place in December. Could Sony Bend be revealing they as yet unannounced game for PlayStation 4 at the event?

The PlayStation Experience 2015 is taking place December 5-6 this year in San Francisco. As usual rumours are starting as to what we can expect to see at the event, this includes the possibility of news on the release of God of War 4.

Gamepur today have posted a report that we may also hear something about an unannounced PlayStation 4 exclusive by Sony Bend. This was based on a Tweet that has since been deleted. The Tweet, by senior technical game designer Eric Jensen revealing that his hotel was booked for the PlayStation Experience and stating “Hotel Booked for PSX. It’s happening”.

This led to speculation that whatever is “happening” would be a confirmation of the studios new game. The site also says that according to rumours on the internet the game would be powered by the Unreal Engine and would be an “open world survival horror game”. While this still may happen, the Tweet has now been deleted with Jensen posting another one to clarify his previous post:

So while this may prove that the rumour is false, it could also show that the studio took notice of the speculation and asked for the Tweet to be deleted. As usual with rumours like this, all we can do is wait and see if anything is actually announced.

Do you think the game will be revealed at The PlayStation Experience? Let us know below.


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