Will Silent Hill Come Back? Konami Renews Trademark Registration In Canada

After the tragic cancellation of P.T., it seems unlikely that Konami has plans in the near future to revive the franchise.

Nevertheless, the fans do not lose hope and to stoke their expectation, the slightest hint is enough, for example, the Silent Hill brand renewal requested by Konami in Canada.

According to the records of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the petition filed by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd last month, the renewal of the Silent Hill brand would be for goods and services, with a focus on:

  • Provide online video games
  • Provide online computer games
  • Provide information on the subject of video games
  • Provide information in the field of computer games
  • Manage, organize or manage video game competitions
  • Manage, organize or manage computer game competitions

The above is, in a nutshell, a license to use the brand in virtually anything, as long as it has video game character in any of its forms. Unfortunately, renewing or registering a brand does not lead to its immediate use and, much less in the case of the video game industry, which will have the purpose of developing a new title.

Just as we saw last year, it can mean something as disheartening as keeping the Silent Hill license alive for use in slot machines. Above all, we must take into consideration that the registration corresponds only to Canada and that the renewal could be due to the fact that the previous license, created on May 23, 2003, would expire in December 2019.

The possibility of a new installment of Silent Hill is not officially ruled out, but in Konami’s current landscape it looks unlikely. The truth is that if the decision was made to revive the franchise, composer Akira Yamaoka would be more than willing to participate, as would the artist of the saga and creator of Pyramid Head, Masahiro Ito.

We hope Konami can soon clarify on this renewal.

Andrew is all the way from South Africa. He was born and raised in a small city called Vereeniging. This is where he realized that video games can expand your imagination to endless worlds. Gaming ...