Will Red Dead Online Microtransactions Affect Gameplay?

A recent tooltip shared by RocktarINTEL leaked a few more additional details on how the Red Dead Online microtransactions for RDR2 will be. While they are mainly implied to be cosmetic, there are a few gameplay changing implications to them as well.

Real money used in-game for unfair advantages are generally frowned upon by the gaming community. This is due to how the pay-to-win aspect of it can affect the experience for others.

In this case, Red Dead Online microtransactions are mainly used to supposedly acquire cosmetics like camp decor, skins for weapons are also included.

A snippet that changes the dynamic of Red Dead Online microtransactions is something different, however. Apparently, trading in gold bars to fences can be used to change the player’s honor instantaneously.

Why is this gameplay changing if it’s just reputation? That’s because several in-game activities will be available and restricted based on a player’s honor.

A player with high honor is able to help the authorities capture criminals. Horse rustling isn’t an option for them, however. Players with low honor, on the other hand, won’t be able to work with the police.

Seeing as how honor is changeable by in-game actions, it can be seen as somewhat of a grind for some players. Like needing to rob several storefronts in order to lower your honor enough for some horse rustling.

If Red Dead Online removes this grind by the option of a real currency payments. That sort of makes the game pay to win. Something people usually hate to see or hear.

Another addition to this belief is the fact that the leak added the possibility of acquiring some items earlier. Through the use of real currency.

The Red Dead Online beta released today and so far hasn’t given much insight on how the transactions will work. How many benefits they will yield and whether they give players an unfair advantage.

Gold bars can be acquired by having 100 gold nuggets on a player as well. This means the in game premium currency CAN be earned by grinding. How much grinding though? Enough to make purchasing them necessary?

GTA Online’s microtransaction “shark cards” also did remove the grind for a lot of players. This didn’t seem to affect its gameplay in the long run however, as people continue to play it today.

Hopefully the case for the Red Dead Online transactions is the same. The option for getting rid of a grind is nice. Not when it’s against the experience of other players though.

We’ve seen the negative effects microtransactions can have. Hopefully, our beloved Western doesn’t stray the same path. But instead, gives us a memorable multiplayer experience. Have some goddamn faith cowboys. Tahiti awaits us!

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