Will There Be New Alolan Forms In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon? No.

Considering that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is going to be bringing a new story to the Alola Region, some players are wanting more than just that and a few new Ultra Beasts; they also want new Pokemon, and even new Alolan forms in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

One of the big changes in the original Pokemon Sun and Moon games was the addition of Alolan Forms, various Pokemon that had had their typing and looks changed due to the biology of Alola, such as Eggxecutor being tall like a palm tree due to the larger amounts of sunlight, the partially Electric-type Geodude, and the Dark-type Rattata.

However, with the possibility of more Pokemon being added into Pokemon Sun and Moon, it was once possible that Nintendo would be creating new Alolan Forms in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Game Freak actually released a statement about it, where they denied that any new regional forms would be getting added since they take place in the same location. However, they did bring up a tantalizing bit of information: there would be over 400 Pokemon available for you to capture.

81 new Pokemon were originally created for Pokemon Sun and Moon, bringing the total number of Pokemon across the entire franchise to 802. While we may not get new Alolan forms in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, the possibility of new Pokemon being added, especially if they’re brand-new Pokemon that are specific to Alola, is something that can be just as good.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of new Alola Pokemon when Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon comes out, even in the absence of new Alolan forms in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The games will be coming out on the Nintendo 3DS on November 17 of this year, so we only have around a month left.