Will Killzone Be Revived for PlayStation 5?

Killzone is one of the best shooter series around but we haven’t seen an installment since Killzone Shadow Fall. The game released alongside PlayStation 4 during its launch month. Killzone Shadow Fall, while not really a major hit for Sony, still managed to garner critical and commercial success.

The series has since been on the ice for close to 5 years. However, the series needs to make a comeback and there couldn’t be a better time. Killzone Shadow Fall developer, Guerilla Games, release Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4. And now when we are on the verge of PlayStation 5’s arrival, it feels like now is the best time for Killzone Shadow Fall’s return.

While some may think Guerilla Games is working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2, there is more going on at the studio that meets the eye. It is an open secret that Killzone creator is currently busy with the next Horizon Zero Dawn game.

There is something else going on behind the scenes as well. Rumor has it that Sony is working on a new Killzone game with former Rainbow Six Siege development talent. The next Killzone game is being developed by Chris Lee who was once a part of Rainbow Six Siege’s multiplayer team.

There is no news regarding the upcoming game but it isn’t far fetched to think it is developed on Decima Engine. The game engine has been used for Death Stranding as well as Horizon Zero Dawn.

It’s a powerful, capable engine that can handle amazing levels of details and complex gameplay. Killzone multiplayer seems to be a focus for Sony since they have hired an expert, someone who did an amazing job on Rainbow Six Siege.

The next Killzone game could be one of the launch titles for Sony’s PS5.

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