Will God of War Microtransactions Be A Thing On Release?

Update: Cory Barlog, Creative Director at Santa Monica, has confirmed that the game will not feature any kind of microtransactions.

A recent Reddit post put up by badiadhuru has started implying that God of War microtransactions will be a thing in the game when it launches on April 20. Microtransactions in the game would be a first for the series, but whether it’s true or not remains to be seen.

For starters, the photo that they put up on the post is a quick one that’s barely legible. While it does include two gold and white numbers that look like forms of currency, there’s no guarantee that those are related to microtransactions; there hasn’t even been anything announced that could mean microtransactions would be a thing.

While it’s possible that the game could have microtransactions, the game is entirely singleplayer, and doesn’t even have any of the mechanics that Middle-earth: Shadow of War did to try and justify them. While Shadow of War was a mainly single-player focused game, Monolith Software put microtransactions in the game to boost players if they needed more captains.

Considering the gameplay style of God of War, being a single-player adventure game that focuses more on a journey than a war, and with no multiplayer at all, microtransactions wouldn’t make any sense unless, in a big departure from previous games, Kratos will be picking up random weapons as he goes along,.

While there have been pre-order bonuses that allow for different shield patterns on the shield Kratos will be using, God of War microtransactions just for cosmetics, while less of an issue, would still be very out of place.

It’s also possible that the two gold and silver numbers are just like previous God of War games, where Kratos could upgrade his weapons and stats through using red energy collected from killing enemies, which is a much more likely prospect.

Either way, hopefully we won’t be seeing God of War microtransactions in the future, but we’ll have to wait until April 20 to see. To look at the picture for yourself, follow the link above.