Will the Final Fantasy 15 have a Japanese Language Option?

With the start of pre-orders for Final Fantasy 15 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 this hints that we’ll soon know when the game will be released. Gameblog, a French game site has noticed something interesting though, for French gamers at least.

On the French Square Enix store the pre-order for Final Fantasy 15 points out that included languages are still subject to change for this version. What could this mean? While English speaking countries get the game in their own language, could France be getting a Japanese language option too?

They point out in the article that Hajime Tabata was interesting in providing this, but there is no confirmation of this. This may be just be understandable wishful thinking by Gameblog but would be big news if true. I’m sure other countries would welcome such an option if they had the chance.

Even with the news of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, focus is once more moving back to Final Fantasy XV as the next release in the game franchise. Excitement is slowly building again, especially with the revelations made at Gamescom 2015. Though the trailer they revealed may have left some wanting more, anticipation is still growing on the game finally being released.

With pre-orders now open this means that a release date could be revealed soon, and details such as languages available in the game, and pre-order incentives will also be revealed. There is no doubt that we’ll soon know when Final Fantaxy 15 is coming, we just have to wait patiently to be provided with a date.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a Japanese language version of the game being available in countries such as France? Would you like this option too? Let us know your thoughts below.

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