Will Capcom Announce Street Fighter 6 At E3 2021?

With E3 2021 around the corner, is it time for the Street Fighter 6 announcement?  The answer lies in the heart of this article.

Street Fighter 5 is five years old at this point and has already seen its fair share of seasons and DLC. With E3 2021 around the corner, is it time for the Street Fighter 6 announcement?  The answer lies in the heart of this article, let’s get into it!

Street Fighter 6 E3 2021 announcement

The pandemic affected every major event in the past year and resulted in the cancellation of E3 2020. While the pandemic isn’t slowing down, E3 lives on! The ESA has announced a digital E3 2021 that will happen from June 12-15.

Capcom has had some amazing announcements at past E3’s for both Microsoft and Sony such as Resident Evil 2 Remake, Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 7, and Devil May Cry 5. They seem to have plenty of games in the pipeline to show off for E3 2021 such as the Resident Evil 4 remake, but are they going to show off or announce anything related to Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 5 didn’t have the best start but Capcom stayed strong and kept giving updates and adding content to make it better; now up to season 5! However, it’s been five years now, So Street Fighter 6 is long overdue.

E3 2021 seems like the best place to deliver the announcement for Street Fighter 6. If not a trailer, just a teaser will suffice. There is a huge chance that Capcom might not even announce it themselves unless they do it at Capcom Cup VIII in 2022. But this is also not confirmed.

So, if not at E3 this June, we may see an announcement at The Capcom Cup in 2022 or maybe we’ll see a combo of a teaser at E3 2021 and a trailer at Capcom Cup.

The was a ransomware hack back in 2020 that led to a lot of data leaks so it’s likely Capcom has also been extra careful about the details because of it. They are trying to keep everything about this game under thick sheets so no one can take a peek.

Knowing exactly when Street Fighter 6 will release and when would be able to play it is not possible. But, there’s hope that there might be a taste of what’s next for one of the greatest fighting game series of all time right around the corner at E3, so don’t miss it

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